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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Steering column size no of splines

Does anyone know the diameter of the steering column and number of splines with regard to replacing the steering wheel/boss to a 1500 midget GAN 6 registered 1977.Thanks
Nigel Axtell

Anyone!, even get lost would be better than nothing
Nigel Axtell

I'm not sure. I've always just trusted the vendors would have the right match based on the model/year. So far, they have not let me down.
Trevor Jessie

Thanks for the reply. I'm getting mixed answers from suppliers regarding Boss adaptors. They list them as Mk 1 - IV, IV being up to 1970 or 1970 onwards, some have quoted different diameters & the number of splines. Mountey say they are no longer available for Mk IV's.
I am a bit loathed to take the steeing wheel off to measure it, 1. I tried and it almost appears impossible(I've read the threads on removal) 2. I don't want to take it off & risk damage only to find that a new adaptor is not available.
Nigel Axtell

strictly speaking there isn't a Mark 4 Midget it's a (Mk3) Midget 1500

you'll learning not to fully trust suppliers' catalogues and websites and to check and cross reference any information you get from any source (including and often especially from me)

I'm not too sure why there'd be much confusion as AFAIK with the collapsable columns the steering wheels were the same fitting if not style

I thought the suppliers just ask for the year of car and sort it for you

as for removal John Twist (UniversityMotorsLtd) (YouTube) vidoes

01 MG Steering Wheel Removal
Nigel Atkins

Thanks Nigel
There is definitely confusion between Mks & years, I didn't think there was a MkIV which confused me. One supplier quoted 2 different diameters with a different number of splines for a mk IV but was unsure for which year(s). Very frustrating all round. I have looked at the video - just worries me wrecking the collapsable nylon/plastic bit within the column.
Nigel Axtell

mistakes and errors are copied from one source to another and worryingly not often corrected or websites updated even when the errors, typo or mistakes are pointed out

Mk4 is a common mistake or just a way of distinguishing the r/b model

long legs or big thighs are handy for the John Twist method but it (obviously) works, don't worry you wont collapse the column if you follow the method as it takes quite a blow to collapse the column (don't ask how I know) - note you do need a lovely assistant with the John twist method

if you're worried you could try the putting a good penertating/releasing fluid (like PlusGas not WD40) and leaving to soak overnight then try a slight tighten before undoing

if this doesn't work either the John twist method or a bit more leave to soak again with a good penertating/releasing fluid (like PlusGas not WD40) and leaving to soak overnight again and repeat

I think either the John Twist method or the leave to soak will work so combining both is a certain

don't forget to leave the nut on to protect the threads and to stop the the steering wheel hitting your face as you pull it up (again I know about this too - do as I say not as I do as it hurts less)

TBH I'm not sure if I'd bother buying off these places that need this information as I'm pretty sure they should have the info for themselves

personally I'd say don't change the steering wheel to one that is too much smaller than the standard (15 and a half inches?) as it will begin to lose the lovely steering feel of the Midget especially if you have oversized wheels and/or tyres
Nigel Atkins


I run a 1500 midget and used the standard wheel for years, I then got a B fitted with a (I think) 13 inch Mota-Lita. This was too small for the B so I swapped them over, the difference on the Midget was amazing. I do run standard size wheels so can't comment on what it would be like with bigger wheels but I wouldn't go back to standard size on the Midget, the B however is better with the standard size.

You're right to worry about collapsing the column, when I first got mine it had been collapsed and a well known supplier tried to sell me another collapsed one until I pointed out the error of his ways.

If you can't find the info anywhere else let me know and I'll measure mine and count the splines.

R.A Davis


I didn't need to dismantle it I realised I'd got a spare, see attached picture. The measurements are as near as I can determine correct and all in inches (as you'd expect) hope this helps


R.A Davis

Brilliant, thanks Bob, exactly the info I was after.
Thanks Nigel, I'll try the plus gas method first
Nigel Axtell

just remember to leave the nut on a few threads as the steering wheel suddenly hitting your face will make your bottom lip throb, I know that from experience

spray or place a few drops of PlusGas on and leave to soak as long as possible, overnight if you can, then push before pulling, if after a couple of tries the wheel doesn't come off then spray or place a few drops of PlusGas on and leave to soak as long as possible, overnight if you can and try again

I'd be surprised if you needed a third soak or if this method fails
Nigel Atkins

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