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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 'T' handle on Bugeye bonnet

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever seen the "T" handle for opening the bonnet that had a key lock in it?--Bob C
chamberlain Bob

I've seen people use garage door handles and utility box handles and some of these have keys. Might be useful if you have to park in an area where people are known to nick batteries.
Trevor Jessie

Could you use a midget boot handle? Those are T-shaped and have locks.

Just wondering,

Gryf Ketcherside

My 73 Midget has a round boot handle and a round "choke" (mixture enrich) handle. I wish that both of them were T shaped. It would make them easier to pull.

R Harvey

now we are talking of diffrent things!

later cars have the bonet release inside should be round and should be easy to pull if not grease the lock and check the cable

On frog's i have seen everything from houshold cabinet handles, mini boot handles and midget boot handles.
do not know what is original though
Onno Könemann

sorry. what was I thinking. I mixed my boot and bonnet.
R Harvey

no you did not
on frog's you have boot handles on the bonnet!
and no internal release
Onno Könemann

Looks to me like a MK1 mini boot lock , MK2 minis are flush. Roy
R Mcknight

Sorry, in my question about bonnet "T" handles I failed to mention that I was talking about Bugeyes. If I remember correctly, the shaft is square. Do later Spridgets have "T" handles with square shafts anywhere, like maybe the boot? Bob C
chamberlain Bob


(oops, that's "yes", in Amurican)

The midget boot lock does take a square shaft.

Norm Kerr

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