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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Tappet checking, what a Faf !!!

It's not really it's just I'm used to checking them with a starting handle, out of interest did early Frogeyes or midgets have starting handles ?
Scott Coe

Nope. You'd need a hole in the chassis. Nothing for it but to roll the car in gear. Easier with plugs out of course but I usually don't bother with that.

Because of wear on the rocker pads I have made a setting tool which basically unscrews the adjuster by the required amount. Still very fiddly. Does anyone know if the pads can be re-ground to sort this out? Tried it by hand on oilstone but not very accurate.

L B Rose


I have reground and hardened and tempered the pads on pressed steel rocker in the past, it can be done.
David Billington

have you seen this John Twist vid with his faster method.

When I went to Peter Burgess I found I was even more useless at setting gaps than even I thought, I wish I had a set of those stubby finger gauges as I find the full length a faff to fit and hold.

10 MG Valve Adjustment -
Nigel Atkins

Any engine reco place with something like an old Warren and Brown valve grinder will be able to surface grind the rockers at the correct radius, there's a fitting on the machine specially to do that
William Revit

Dave, I'd be interested in how you did that. My rockers are forged.
L B Rose

This thread was discussed on 20/10/2019

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