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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Tow Bar

Anyone have photograph of tow bar for midget? Would like to fabricate one but idea of where original fitted would be helpful. thanks
G Burrow

Which car do you have?
the only ones I have seen went between the bumper mounts on a RWA 1972
Mick - trying to sort the wiring

73 RWA

I have an old moss catalogue about 87 that shows a tow bar kit in pieces but cannot figure wher all parts go. I did think of just using the bumoer mounting brackets but think too much twisting if not braced somewhere else

G Burrow

If it was mounted on the outside between the split bumpers, I would imagine there would be a piece across the inside, bolted to all four bumper mounts and probably without the internal braces that were fitted as standard.

I did have a RWA Midget with a towbar about 25 years ago, but I don't remember how it was mounted, unfortunately.
Dave O'Neill 2

I bought a tow bar from Harbor Freight and made my own bracket from 2" angle iron that fits in place of the front tow eyes.

The arms of the tow bar must be at least 24" apart and the hitch ball on the towing car should be no higher than 4 or 5 inches above the mounting on the towed car. This is critical geometry.

In reality I'm not that thrilled with the outcome. The tow bar itself is plenty heavy, as is the bracket. Having the mounting point on the Midget so low required a significant drop draw bar on the towing vehicle that catches on bumps and steep driveways.

However, the biggest problem is with the front suspension geometry of the Midget itself. There is very little caster built in and the car starts to wiggle-waggle when towed above about 60 mph. Also, the front wheels have a tendency to "tuck in" when making tight turns, such as entering a car park.

If I were to do it again I would put the mounting point on the Midget just below the bumper and maybe tie it in with both the tow eye mounts and the bumper brackets. You still couldn't go fast, but then maybe slow when towing is a good thing.

Lee Fox

Here is the tow bar and bracket layed out, but obviously not attached.

Lee Fox

I have the exact same tow bar as Lee.

Unlike Lee, I have bolted it directly to the front tow eyes without modification and it works well enough, as long as you have a sufficiently low draw bar on the towing vehicle to keep from damaging the body work, as Lee states. A bit squirrely backing up or in tight turns, but hey, you get what you pay for.

Can't comment on towing over 60 MPH, I prefer to let the traffic back up behind me.

"Objects in mirror are really, really pissed off"
Richard Reeves

Sorry; for US contributors - I am looking for info on tow hitch on back of midget
G Burrow

why on earth would you want to do that!?
Onno Könemann

Onno, don't be daft! Ofcourse to put a little caravan behind the midget. Anything to prevent the necesity for a boot rack and leather suitcase / picnic basket. LOL
Alex G Matla

LOL - darn it - Alex beat me to it!!!

Not to mention - to pack your belongings in it - since you doubt that one can pack all for two weeks into a midget!

I'm sorry - I'm a tad at a loss - and blame the visit to Winnipeg of the queen - but, tow hitch is the same as a tow bar isn't it? Or do you mean towing rings?

if it is to prevend the fitment of a bootrack then it's fine

You can easly pack all for a 2 week camping trip in a midget with out a bootrack

bootracks the biggest threat to spridgets next to rust
Onno Könemann

LOL - I shall clean my leather suitcase and pack my picnic basket - just to "uncool" the spridget weekend then ...!

Sometimes it would be kinda handy to tow a trailer - so I could fill it with dog food/horse food/haybales - but then, I could just fill the other car with all that ...!

""You can easly pack all for a 2 week camping trip in a midget with out a bootrack""

Hmmmmm now I am wondering if I know the reason why the Dutch like to wear "orange"!!!!
Bob Turbo Midget England

Nah. Onno shop's at the children's department... 8^P
Alex G Matla

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