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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Tyre choice

Has anybody bought and used the Yokohama Prestevo tyres,my local tyre fitting "shops" can get these but not the "A Drives".

Thanks for looking. Wayne.
W Williams

go elsewhere Wayne I'm sure A-drive aren't hard to get even if they have to be ordered for next day or so fitting

go to a high performance tyre specialist

remember to tell all only torque wheel nuts to 45lbs or you could loose a wheel stud
N Atkins

As Nigel says A drives arnt hard to get even if places dont have them on the shelf they will usually get them next day.

Be sure to shop around for prices, I bought two A Drives recently and had quotes from £39 each up to £76 each inc VAT for 165/70x13.

But not forgetting your question no I havnt tried (or seen) Yok Prestevo tyres.

Ian Webb '73 GAN5

these people don't rate them at all...

I've got Avons on the front and Continentals on the back - both great, Avons probably a little bit better in the wet.
Rob Armstrong

I've had the Avons for years and love them. Everything from Sprints to track days (good grip but not too sticky and they seem to break free at exactly the right speeds to suit my driving style)to motorway and winter/wet and summer driving. Last unbelievably well however I've never tried Yokohamas so can't really comment an other tyres.
Gary & Gaps

obviously different tyres react differently on different vehicles and even different set ups but it doesn't sound like you want to be the first to try these tyres out on a Spridget judging by the PH link

me and my mouth!

>>remember to tell all only torque wheel nuts to 45lbs or you could loose a wheel stud<< guess what I've just found - a poor wheel stud (I hope that was what was causing the noise I was looking for, probably not though)
N Atkins

Out of interest, are the standard wheelnuts suitable for Minilites or Minators

yes as far as I know

if not I'm in trouble as I use them
N Atkins


should have put - the long wheel nuts for rostyles
N Atkins

Managed to get 4 x Yoko A drives for £153 fitted.
W Williams

Wayne, I hope the fitting place told you to take it easy on them for the first 50 miles or so and to then also check the torque on all the wheel nuts

they should have put the torque at 45lbs but many automatically set at 70lb

too high and you can lose a wheel stud (don't I know)

also check with a reliable tyre pressure guage the tyre pressures as again most places don't set them correctly

the owners Handbook is your friend for the information

Rach wil be pleased to know I'm experimenting with an extra couple of psi as I'm willing to learn, too early to say if i like it I'm waiting for the first lot of greasy roads from light rain
N Atkins

When you do not run the orignal tyre size and type ( radial or crossply) the original tyre pressure is useless!
You by then have changed so many variables that the factory recomendation is gues work at best.

I run my modern 165 tyres as high as 2.8 bar on trackdays and 2,2 on the street.
But always expirimenting to balance grip economy and comfort.
Onno Könemann

Onno, I disagree that the original pressures are useless for all but original size, if you're close to that size such as 155/70 then it's an excellent starting point


I do agree with you that if your tyres are bigger or lower then it will vary and that different suspension set ups with make a difference

I've ran my 155/70 tyres for over two years at Handbook pressure and they've felt fine and have worn evenly

I will say I don't do much sustained high speeds or go on a track
N Atkins

Nigel calling a 155/70 radial close to a 5.20x13 bias ply is stretching it a bit ;)

Though i don't know when the 145/80's became std but certainly not on my MKII.

The modern radial has a much softer side wall than the orignal bias ply.
Hence the need for a higer tyre pressure than originaly given.

Modern tyres have become so good at keeping up shape that slight under or over inflation will not mather in wear patern.

Tough under inflation does stress the side wals more and increases fuel use.

Over inflation (not over the max pressure but over optimum) will generaly speaking only cause problems when the tyre is aged or dry which adds the risk of a blown tyre.
And it is less comfortable but more economical.

So you are most likely right in the fact that your car behaves fine with those tyre pressures.
But it will most likely be more economical and give less sidewall stress to add a couple of psi
Onno Könemann

Hi Onno, OP, Wayne and I have 1973 cars and now I think both 155/70 instead of the 145/80/13

I know and accept what you're saying about modern tyres

I've more than once changed a set of tyres after about 1,000 miles if I've not liked them and some were brand new sets

as I said I'm experiement with a few more psi

the book is a good place for '73 to start from rather than some guesses I've seen with people running at 30

very difficult to judge economy when having fun :)
N Atkins

You are right it is hard to judge economy when sideways ;)

For a "73 you are right if the original tyre was a 145

It was meant as a smal explantion (had done a lot of reading recently since some tyre trouble on the GT)

Just trying to let you have even more fun from you midget ;)

I know you are the "hand book" guy which is good!
But you have to read it considering it was writen for the car when new and in that period.
And timess and materials have changed
Onno Könemann

Onno, information and advice is always appreciated and I need it, what little I did know I've mostly forgotten

I appreciate that the Handbook was written 38 years ago and things have moved on but some potential, new and existing owners know very little detail of their cars, sure they might have a Haynes but that's not much use for day to day ownership and the Handbook is

This is my 2nd Spridget and in 20 years from my first classic, a BGT (see my post on the BYE BYE MIDGET thread about the donkey's dick), followed by the Spridget and then a r/b V8 roadster all at some point at least were dailies

I would average 16,000 k on each and had at least two cars at a time

even back then I used Mobil 1 and had a expensive Lucas electronic ignition and contemplated a Toyota 5-speed on my Spridget

my Handbook has crossings out as my car is updated/changed/improved(?) from original but the Handbook still mostly applies

how many classic MG owners especially new are concerened about cosmetics or uprating the car but forgetting about basic servicing for the whole car and not just the engine, seems to me like loads

in 20 years I've made most mistakes and experienced a lot of the motor and classic trade sometimes very bad so if I can help others I try and the best start I think is the owners Handbook

it was only when I saw my previous Spridget a couple of years after I sold on the MASOC stand at the NEC that reminded me that I'd put 4 new tyres on the car not long before I sold it

unfortunately I sold at auction and a dealer bought it so I'm guessing the 3 thick files of history, worksheets and receipts were split amoung other Spridgets as the then owner didn't get them or the spare Lucas electronic rotor but did gain some nasty repro bumpers

. . . and at the action I gave away my copy of Terry horler's book but that's another story

N Atkins

You are right
Far to many owners are from the polish brigade (not the country)
But a lot just don't know better.

Just recently met a sprite owner who thought he had a wonderfull car...
Well it was polished and had shiny chrome.
All ruber bushes where perished brakes non existend and front shocks splashing oil al over the place!
But the ownwer thought it is a 41 year old car so this must be it!
Took him for a drive in mine........
Then slowley started giving him a few pointers so he could get his car better.

So you are doing good spreading the word about the book (that almost sounds religious) ;)
because you are right there are a lot of owners that need it!

Now for the next discussion
Giving away your Horler?!!?
that needs explantion :)
Onno Könemann

>>Giving away your Horler?!!?
that needs explantion :)<<

- and then finding years later that it would cost at least £90 second hand to replace (hoorah for the reprint and less money in actual, let alone real, term than first print

(IIRC the story -)

at the auction my Spridget didn't make the reserve, just behind it was a (red!) one with fresh paint! that sold for a £1,000 less but would need at least £2,000 spent on it to get anywhere near mine

a nice couple bought the red one they wanted mine but couldn't afford the extra (wonder if they regretted that decision and found they bought a more costly car?)

the auctioneer had previously told me "the right people had noticed my car" I think he meant dealers

a very nasty dealer lad threaten me when I refused to discuss a deal with him as I didn't want to sell to a dealer

another dealer spoke to me at lenght and finally offered to match the reserve so I had to let him have it under the rules

he then came back to me a bit later to tell me he'd already sold my car on as he'd also won a Jag and couldn't drive both cars back and to prove to me that all dealers weren't bad he told me he'd sold it at cost price

(I think he'd sold it to another dealer as at the NEC I later learnt that the current owner had bought it from Lord Bedford or someone titled)

anyway, as the car was going to a dealer I took out some of the stuff I'd left in the boot, Haynes and other stuff I can't remember, and gave it to the couple who'd won the red car as I thought they'd probably need it

I then used the payphone to ring home to get my wife to pick me up as I was about 40 miles away only she was out (nothing's changed since) so I was a bit stuck

the couple saw me at the end of the auction still hanging around and spoke and when they found out they insisted on giving me a lift home as they weren't collect their Midget until the next day

during the journey I found out that they were going well out of their way to drop me off so when I got home I asked them to wait as I had more they'd need - as a thank you to them I gave them a few Spridget books . . . including the Terry Horler :)
N Atkins

Well at least you gave them to a good home
Ever met the couple again?
Onno Könemann


I don't seem to meet many people again after they've meet me once, don't know why

when I first got my first Spridget I gave away a couple of brackets that were used to locate a hard top knowing that I'd never have a hard top

later someone offered me his full tonneau that he'd still got in his attic from 20 or so years early, he would only accept a donation to charity for it as he loved my car and that I drove it 300 miles a week to work most times and that I let him have a drive

his tonneau was great just needed a clean and came complete with sticks and storeage bag

that's when I found I need those brackets to locate the sticks and you couldn't get them new

my wife found them in an autojumble

she also later found the copper horn ring that Moss wouldn't produce for the reproduction sprung steering (and horn push?) they advertised but didn't get made (this was before they went out of business)

eventually I got one of the 5 (sets?) that did get made and they were lovely

£125 back then just for the wheel IIRC
N Atkins

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