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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Tyres and wheel size

will tyre size 175x70 R13 or 185x70r13 fit on an MG midget with 5 inch wheels okay?

It's a square arch midget but the rear arches have been flared out and I will be using it for road and competition use.

Many Thanks
G Saunders

From what Ive seen here on the board the 175 will work...

BUT ....

you have to have a panhard rod in order to keep the axle centered...which is SO vary sweet, other wise you will have tire rub in turns.


Possibly!! I have had 185/60/13s on a square arched Midget with a little flaring. No panhard rod but very slight rubbing when pushed very hard. It will depend on how flared your arches are and which particular wheels you have. Where in Warwickshire are you? My car is available to view if it would help.


C Bintcliffe

My 165's rubbed, had to relieve the wings 3 times before i had enough clearance, so no i wouldn't go with 175's.
Brad (Sprite IV 1380)

175x70 R13 definately fit on a SWA if you have a wire wheel axle without need for flaring. Panhard fitted to mine.

Neil (K series)

Thanks all.

As I already have the tyres I think I will fit one and see how they are. The tyres are usually 600.00 (avon ZZ) a set but I managed to pick them up for 100.00 as the previous owner no longer had the car anymore. The trouble is 2 are 175 and the others are 185 which I will put on the back. The wheels are minator alloys. No panhard rods yet but maybe I should do a wanted advert at somepoint. I can always sell them on again if things don't work out I suppose.

Thanks for the offer Chirs, the car is in Wellesboure. I might take you up on the offer if we get stuck, where abouts are you?
G Saunders

Hi There

I am not very far from you, I'm in Warwick. Maybe you can pop over one weekend.

Cheers Carl
C Bintcliffe

185's on a SWA that'll be interesting.
Brad (Sprite IV 1380)

A mate had/has 185/60 - 13 tyres on his SWA Austin Sprite, the wheels are Jensen Healey. The arches are slightly jacked out and the tyres rubbed a bit until we fitted a Watts linkage.

I say has/had as he has sold the car twice and bought it back twice but the last time I I saw it at his place it was looking very sad for itself languishing outside.
David Billington

Sorry to bring this up again. I am looking for some tyres to go on 13X5 minilites that I could do the occasional sprint on so need to be 1a listed. Its a square arch and I have had 165-70's on before so would probabaly stick to that- Any recomendations on makes, anybody sprinting out there?
m fairclough

I have a set of barely scrubbed 175X60's that came off my 13X5 Minilites. Email if interested.
F Pollock

Nice wing vents Carl!
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

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