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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Valance reinforcement

Having been defeated by the deep pitted rust on my front valance panel I have obtained a really good second hand one (no dents and no rust!). However, it does not have the reinforcement strip along the rear of the panel. My question is - how important is that reinforcement? The panel will fit OK as it is, but if the reinforcement is essential then now is the time to fit it (assuming that such an item can be obtained or made).

I'm thinking that when bolted to the wings and welded to the front assembly it will be pretty rigid. Am I wrong here - any thoughts?

Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

You can buy the reinforcement part from Moss. See the photo of panels in my eBay listing (Humble pie thread).

Part no. is MS10A and it is about 10
John Payne

Chris. the first time I 'restored ' my midget in the early 80's I did exactly what you have. You'll be happy to know it lasted until I stripped the car in 2003 to restore it this time round and even then it was probably the strongest part of the shell :-)
graeme jackson

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