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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Warnings for those that want them (UK)

As it's happened yet again I feel that I'll warn those that want to know details by personal email (unless this breaks forum rules)

Yet again I'm paying one place to correct the work of another (even tho' this time the work would be under warranty)

Those that think I should have got the first place to do the rectification work will not want to email me

I've learnt by very expensive experience that the places that do a poor job in the first instance make matters worse and more expensive when rectifying their work

This time: a reputable, expert in the feild - very poor work and excuses

Prevoius years: applies to 1500s

Long time ago: Spridgets/Bs

General comments are welcome on this thread


details only by personal email
Nigel Atkins

Know the feeling - am STILL trying to sort out the mess that one so-called "reputable" recommended place did. Yes, it WOULD be nice if they would sort it out - but - they never do anyway ...!

I'm a magnet for them !

I do my best - I try to research them, check their reputation and previous work but still get caught

Sometimes this is because others that have suffered are not allowed to name and shame

And/or they are protected by reputation or even governing bodies

We lost enough on my last car to have bought a couple of show Spridgets

On this midget I've been let down to varying degrees by some but the last lot badly and expensively
Nigel Atkins



Not concours cars but definetely show quality

At least one would have been bought out of what I was ripped off and by very poor and poor quality work and parts by two outfits
Nigel Atkins

This thread was discussed on 18/06/2010

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