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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - weight of a Rostyle wheel

I'm sure this has been covered before in other threads but here it is by itself but I know some are interested in such matters

I've just weighted a painted 13" Rostyle wheel (without balance weights, tyre valve or tyre)

it is 6kg (13 lbs)

that's on my bathroom scales, they're not a tested and certificated ultra precision instrument but near enough for this venture
Nigel Atkins

Good to know... now we can avoid guessing at the scrap metal recyclers


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Ok so how much does an alloy weigh?
R W Bowers

look it up in the Archives, IIRC (if) I think Norm(?) has weights of components

or search the web

next I'll be weighting Prop's conscience (if he has one?)
Nigel Atkins

LOL...just razing ya,

I got ,5 rostyles in storage id never scrap

On my alloy aluminums 1 piece they are actually lighter then the royteal wheels

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

How many coats of paint?
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

actually - it has very thick powder coating that does make it look heavier !

the wheel is going for scrap after being forgotten about for a few years and then being offered on here free for collection, Derek replied he wanted it and would collect it next time he was in the area but after months he never has

Derek (at oakrits), like many nowadays, lacked the good manners to further communicate even to say he no longer wanted the wheel (or couldn't be bothered to collect it) despite previously exchanging emails and me sending photos
Nigel Atkins

All joking aside nig

Looking at The up rising value of midgets I got to belive so will side items like the wheels

Collectors love orginality even if it is inferior to after market

Just a thought

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I'm not going to worry too much after all the money I've made disappear with cars

at the moment over here it's not just me that can't even give these wheels away, even if they have almost reasonable tyres on

I like to recycle items as much as I can but I've not got much room or inclination to keep items just in case they might have future use or value

some people pay additional mortgages or store fees just to keep stuff many never actually use or later sell, it's an expanding business over here as is the culture of 'knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing'

Nigel Atkins

Just as a matter of interest, I weighed my earlier plain 3.5" wide wheels. They weigh about 5.9kg. An old 145x13 tyre weighed 6kg. Kim at Magic Midget quotes 5.4kg for a 5" Minilite and 4.3kg for a 4 spoke Revolution.
Interesting for unsprung weights and polar moments of inertia.

M Crossley

Thanks Mark I have my moments but there not polar LOL
interesting to see how little weight can be saved, but every bit helps I guess.
PS Nigel please note this for future reference LOL
R W Bowers

I've no idea what I'm noting, not that I'd remember after a few days anyway, if you tell me next week the Rostyles weigh 4kg I'll have to believe you as I wont remember

did you note my power I only mentioned if Prop had a conscience and he proved it !
Nigel Atkins

You have another email - hope you get this one as obviously you didn't receive the previous.
I would suggest a little more initiative and a email wouldn't have been too much effort before venting!
Derek Stewart

it was a lament rather than rant, my rants go on much more, much

thanks for replying here now and your email I can see in my Inbox

obviously part of posting was to see if you'd reply (and proves to some that it's not just the posters that view the site, unless someone told you about it)

I did think about emailing you a few times but sorry I get fed up of chasing up people who I'm providing to and I've been let down on 'free for collection' before

I got your previous emails and this is the first time I've ever been made aware of not receiving an email from anyone, that's not to say that it might or does not happen just that I'm not aware of it

Sod's Law the one time I decided not to chase up is possibly the one I should have

the reason I sent you those photos was to save you a wasted journey by checking the wheel was suitable as I had my doubts, some would straighten the

again thanks for letting me, sorry I didn't get your previous email and for not chasing up on it like I normally would
Nigel Atkins

Derek - you could have had any number of them - and delivered to Girton without the public humiliation! :)

ALL Midget owners have about 100 lying around that need to be got rid of - if you want anymore - feel free to say
Rachel Henderson

a very masculine post there and the line about ALL Midget owners having 100 lying around is one Prop would be proud of

I admit I had no problems with giving away the full set of tyres and wheels which would have included this wheel had I remembered I'd got it
Nigel Atkins

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