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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Where is Directional flasher

I have a 77 midget 1500. directionals stay on, do not flash for either side. I'm assuming a bad flasher. Could someone help with location of flasher unit and if this is the problem? Finally some nice weather here in MT so have been enjoying my MG.
christian becker

Don't assume
Broken lamps and bad earth are the most comon cause of inoparable flashers.
Check this before buying new parts
Onno Könemann

or low battery power...
David Smith

On a right hand drive 1275, the flasher unit is under the bonnet, screwed to the bulkead next to drivers side bonnet hinge. I don't suppose a LHD 1500 will be much different.


p.s. this is a very old picture. The car has been completely stripped and repaired since it was taken

graeme jackson

On my 1977 1500 the flasher unit is on the other side of the bulkhead,i.e inside the cockpit, behind the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel.
It is held in a spring clip thing, which is fixed to the bulkhead.
JB Anderson


As JP says on a RHD 1500 it's on the bulkhead just behind the tacho. I replaced mine last night as it was flashing very slowly, at times even to the point of not flashing all if the battery was a bit down. If you need to replace it I would suggest not using the 2 pin unit but replacing it with a 3 pin unit. It's an easy replacement only requiring 1 extra wire from pin 31 of the flasher to ground. The other connections are green and brown to 49 and green to 49a. It won't fit in the existing mounting but the one I bought had its own mounting bracket. The screw that holds the existing mounting can be used on the new bracket and also for the earth wire. On a RHD car I found it's easier if you remove the tacho. I now have a nice even flash rate irrespective of battery state. It cost £3.95 inc P+P and arrived in a couple of days, link below.

R.A Davis

if new flasher units are anything like they were 4 and 5 years ago I'd get a working second hand one - in fact I did twice, once after fitting a new one that stopped working very quickly
N Atkins

Last time I changed mine I used a solid state electronic one, and changed the voltage stabiliser for an elecronic one at the same time.
No trouble with either since.
JB Anderson

I've got an electronic voltage stabiliser but forgot about and have never seen an elec tronic flasher unit but would certainly give it a try, cheers
N Atkins

I should have added that the 3 pin units are electronic, they do have a relay inside them so they're not completely solid state but they're 100 times better than the 2 pin units. As a point of interest to pass an MOT the indicators need to flash between 60 and 120 times a minute, my old unit might just have passed if I revved the engine.

R.A Davis

bob thanks for the extra info

Christian is in USA so no MOT for him but useful info for here
N Atkins

Yes, sorry Bob, of course the electonic unit is not fully solid state.

My mistake (another one!)
JB Anderson

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