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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Wind deflector advice?

Hi all,
I would welcome any comments from anyone who has a wind deflector on their midget.
I always run with the top down and quite fancy a wind deflector to keep the blowies off- I seem to remember it was quite useful on muy old mx-5 & my old topless cooper , but have NO experience of one on an MG.
So , comments please about benefits or other about perspex vs netting and can anyone recommend a supplier ?
cheers & thanks
colin frowen

I have one for my car and I can not say it makes any difference; however, I think it is because the brackets position it too far back behind the seats.
Trevor Jessie

the factory built-in very short flip up wind deflector on my MX-5 Mk2 was three quarters as effective as the full height after market model wind deflectors in other Mx-5s I passengered in

bear in mind the MX-5 is more aerodynamic than a Spridget, in my MX-5 I never found I got blown by the wind enough on a hot day wind even with the windows down

the folding and storing of the aftermarket wind deflectors for the MX5, MGB and Spridgets put me off but I've never been in a MGB or Spridget with one fitted so I could be wrong

they seem to vary in shape and fixing design so I'd suggest getting an off-cut of perspex and experiment with its size, shape and fixing

my mate made a great wind deflector for his Westie by making a metal frame and buying the net material from a supplier and the cost was very low for both despite the net material being the stuff used on expensive cars

I must admit if I could get a fixed deflector that didn't interfere with raising or lowering the hood and did need packing away or lowering and didn't restrict stowage behind the seats I'd be interested

some of the ones I've seen for retail sale look like home made first attempts but they still sell for very high prices
Nigel Atkins

ETA: as my computer had a time warp so my edit was out of time

I meant
>>and did not need packing away<<
Nigel Atkins

thought they were invented by hairdressers for use in hairdressers' cars!
David Smith

better than wearing a helmet ;)

I'm told Spridgets are girly cars anyway

but I've had a few girly cars, one was a girly and hairdressers' car, yeap the MX-5

the more old I get the more I like the idea of a wind deflector, I even don't object to side screens on cars without doors now

but I hope the days of wanting or needing the roof up all the time or a hardtop never arrive
Nigel Atkins

I bought a wind deflector to try and make it easier for my wife to keep the hair out of her face. She has finally resigned herself to wearing a snug ball cap and large sunglasses.
Trevor Jessie

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