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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Windshield Stay Brackets For Sun Visor

Hello MG-Sters...

Almost wrapping up the windshield rubber seal replacement project.

I never had (or used...) the sun visors - but my windshield frame still has the original white stay brackets tightly riveted on the upper edge of the aluminum frame. Those items are now V-E-R-Y oxidized white rubber stay brackets - the finish is very chalky and not a good visual fit with all of the other black features of the interior.

I don't expect to install any sun visors - but I did order the black rubber stay brackets from Moss USA. They provide a small sheet metal screw so they expect owners to drill out the original rivets and use the sheet metal screw to mount the replacement rubber stays.

In any case, putting a sheet metal screw into the aluminum frame seems somewhat dubious to me versus rivets. Has anyone replaced these original rivets?

Is there a shallow void within the upper aluminum frame? Any suggestions on using any other special "blind" fastener to hold the new black rubber stay brackets?

Also, it seems to me that some adhesive or trim cement might also be useful during the installation.

Thanks for any time & suggestions that you can provide on this minor trim issue.

(note: image attached with red call out)

Buffalo, NY

Mike Pelone

Is the part in question hard rubber with a slot for the sun visor to sit in? If so I definitely riveted mine on, I think I bought some extra long ones to do the job. There is a void but when drilling out the old rivets (or if drilling initially) be careful as you can contact the the edge of the screen. When I did mine I ended up adding a 1/8" sheet ally spacer to bring it out from the frame a little.
John Payne

Moss Europe offers a screw as an alternative to a rivet.

Most UK-spec cars never had sun visors - I think it's something to do with the amount of sun we get
Dave O'Neill 2


Thanks for your "riveting" response - I will drill out and use the drill shank to measure what the depth might be for a rivet (actually 2...)


I thought the lack of sunshine in Merry Olde England was just an urban legend.

Until I buy my first toupee - I will drive the car without the sun visors which also double as wind screens...

Thanks for the responses.

I expect to wrap this project up in the next day with the windshield installation to follow next weekend

Buffalo, NY

Mike Pelone

If its just cosmetic, id be tempted to get a bottle of Gorilla Glue and just sicky glue it into place

Drilling screwing and riviting BLINDLY around Sealed glass could get expensive fast if your not lucky

1 Paper

I fitted sun-visors to my previous Spridget using just screws and they seemed fine but I took them off after a short time as I found the visors a waste of time as they're so narrow and an annoyance as I had to flip the visors up and down every time I put the hood up or down.

Mind I'm quite short at around 5' 6" so didn't need the extra couple of inches (if that?) to deflect the wind.

Nigel Atkins

Hhmmmm,i just had a thought you could use those mountings to make an interesting 1 piece wind wing / flip ... out of plexy glass


1 Paper


I decided to try and just "spritz" the white rubber stays with black spray paint and finish up the summer driving season - can always drill out the rivets and replace over the winter season...

PS: my Buffalo Bills baseball cap is a much cheaper alternative to a plexi glass flip screen

Leaf Season is almost here and the summer is on the wane - enjoy your time in the drivers seat...

Buffalo, NY
Mike Pelone

Thanks mike

I have a mg midget ball cap i wear when driving ...dont look up when driving and always check your fuel cap twice when filling up

1 Paper

I wear the hat pictured on the top of this page. You'll be easy to recognize around here Mike. You'll be the 'one' wearing a Bills hat. I think it's going to be a miserable season, maybe 3 wins.....
Paul W 1976 1500

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