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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - 1:18 - Diecast Model ZS

does anyone know where i can get a Silver 1:18 ZS diecast model?

i have a few Autoart 1:18 scale diecast models, and they are fantastic replicas. however, i have emailed AutoArt and they do not and will not be making the MG ZS - such a shame. i wonder how many people will be interested in buying such a model - i know i would.

visit, and email them - maybe we can persuade them.

it is a shame that the ZS, ZR, and ZT's are not wholely recognised as much as other cars! for instance - you can currently buy a remote controlled BTCC Type-R. obviously an excellent motor, but what about the BTCC MG!!

it is true that cars that have "real" character are often overlooked by people who sought after cars that get rave reviews in mags etc and so become COMMON.

"ooh what is this? oh a <honda>, hmmm apparently it is very reliable, well built, i suppose i will have one of these."

"oh jesus, look at that, i want it!"

"B" was my reaction to the ZS i saw and now own!


You can forget anybody doing the BTCC or Rally car versions since they have Hotwheels splashed all over them! And I don't believe Hotwheels will ever do these either from what I have heard from others.
Schuco did a very nice 1/43rd Rover 75 but that seems to be discontinued. It wouldn't take much to do a ZT version, surely?

1/43rd model of 75 Saloon is availbe in 6 colours from MG Rover dirrect shop, of special order from any MGR dealer...About 15.00
N J Bonthrone

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