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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - 2004 ZR & R25 launched!

Launched here for one.
George Hunt

Were not these pictures on other sites weeks (months?) ago?
Patrick Beet

MG Rover have today released the 'official' pix of new look Rover 25 and MG ZR, some were leaked a few days ago due to a PR cock up, + Auto distress printed a photoshopped image a couple weeks ago.

A new exterior and interior style is announced today (May 18) for the latest MG ZR, the UKs most popular Super-mini, hot-hatch, in preparation for its show debut at next weeks Sunday Times Motor Show Live in Birmingham. Order placements are now possible through MG Rover dealers with first deliveries from July.

Key features include:
Distinctive new exterior style, featuring clear lens covered twin headlamps

New high quality fascia design,incorporating four styled circular air vents

Improved dynamic driving experience and value for money specification

A new front bumper design is accompanied by new clear lens covered twin halogen headlamps that give a cleaner and more sculpted exterior form. Substantial changes are made to the rear with a new boot and bumper style, complemented by new alloy wheels and centre-line badging. On the inside, a new fascia design houses four circular air vents and a new centre console.

The new ZR completes a brand evolution of the MG product portfolio in the marques 80th anniversary year. The clean and bold lines of the latest ZR produce a contemporary sports style that evolves consistently through the range with the latest ZS and ZT, and traces through to the SV supercar.

A very successful restyle IMO - although I find myself preferring the Rover 25 version to the ZR - probably because of the black-coloured indicator surrounds?
Rob Bell

Yeah Rob I know what you mean about the styling, MGR have a schizophrenic attitude to styling...

Either conservative with such a small c as to be nearly invisible, verging on the dull and nasty reminiscent of granny's living room complete with antimassacers ...OR

Over the top utter wideboy maxpower and no taste!

The monogramme programme needs a serious makeover. The colours are so dire as to be repulsive! They looklike old colours leftover from the props department for a rastafarian stage show!!

I would have thought a couple of decent heritage colours in the mongramme thing would have sold well,like Surf Blue and Brooklands Green... but no, it's back off to Maxpower latest Bling eh Wikid man!... which probably reflects the age and mindset of the design staff.

Oh yes MGR are going to get it full force when the V8 turns up! they have SO MUCH TO LEARN ....STILL!!

That's what happens when you put the design team in B'Ham that well known centre of design and culture!


Pictures are everywhere now. - ZR Forum and Keith Adams.

George Hunt

So where's the ZR turbo range topper?

PS. New look is worse than previous version, apart from the interior upgrades which are an improvement.
Martin Woods

More self-promtion I see?

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