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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - 60k / 4 Year service

I have just got a quote for a 60,000 mile / 4 year service for my ZS120 @ 288. Is this reasonable?

This is with Crown Garage in Soham - who I have dealt with before and found them excellent.


Will that include a cambelt for the K series? Sounds reasonable then.

You could also try the MGOC workshop not too far from you as they have Xpart approval and T4 capabilities - had my ZT serviced there the week before. Labour rates are 40/hr.
Martin ZT

Demon,I paid something around that for my 4 year service, though I had an MOT the same day, which pushed the price up!! They seem to do a lot more at this mileage which include new plugs, time consuming and the plugs x6 are qute expensive on their own! Crown Garage have consistley given me the best quote on all my servicing. Martin the belt is changed at 90k.


That's a ZS 120 Demon has which I assume is a K4 not K6 and I believe K4 is at 4yrs/60k for cam compared to K6 at 5yrs/90k.
FYI, I had a 75k service and asked for plugs (big improvement!) and brake fluid change. I supplied filters (oil/pollen and have an ITG panel) and Mobil1. MGOC charged 345 inc 5hrs labour, and plugs were 75 alone! Also had new coolant cap fitted.
So, without the car being valeted it sounds as if your price at Crown is better. However, Roger Parker is guiding me on some upgrade issues hence the use of MGOC for the cambelt in the next month on my car.
Martin ZT

your right martin I assumed it was V6.. oops

There are some threads on the other forums over time about my service costs, some of which I think over time you have read! Basically CG came up with the best quote when I went for my first service, beating a couple of other dealer quotes by a long way, I've stuck with them ever since.

Just paid 320 for my ZS120 4 year service including cambelt so 288 sounds good to me
Rich C

Thanks for the info guys. I was just alarmed at the rise in cost compared to my last service and just wondered if MG going bust was anything to do with it.

I looking forward to getting her done - she deserves it :o)

I just had a new middle section exhaust done at Crown due to a whole!!

The garage is great :o)

Had the car serviced saturday but not had the bill or list of the work yet - expecting it through the post.

according to the manual the brake fluids should have been changed - i do not know if this has been done yet - what should the brakes feel like after a change - extra sharp, or no different, or spongy?

mine feel slightly spongy compared to the honda jazz courtesy car i had, the brakes on that were very sharp.



so 562 + vat for a cambelt service is a lot then! 4 year old mgtf 160, 42k miles on the clock -

The ZR/ZS are alot easier to access for a belt change than an MG TF, and also you are comparing 1.8 VVC 160 to the std 1.8 ZS120.
Martin ZT

1st Year service on my 05 ZS 180 HATCH 280.00 So i think all the prices are good value, More Work on a MGF so more money.

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