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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - About to purchase...

Folks, Looking for some friendly advise. I'm going to see a ZS180 this weekend & have never owned an MG before. Can someone please give me some advise around what to look out for, who do I id a rover engine & any other info deemed relevent.

many thanks in advance...

Hi Jim,

First off, welcome to the site, second, good luck with your purchase! :o)

I've got an MGF and ZTT, and both are fantastic cars. I've not owned a ZS180, but I've driven a couple, and would really really like one!

Regarding the engine, they're pretty bullet proof in my experience (I had one in a 75, the 2-litre version), and there really isn't anything specific I can suggest you look at, other to ensure that the oil and coolant levels are all correct, and look for evidence of good service practice (colour of the oil etc).

I'd do all the usual checks - the service history, the HPI etc etc. Might also be worth getting an AA or similar inspection if you've found the ideal car. These inspections should show any major faults, and usually provide some degree of comeback if something should go wrong.

The AA also offer excellent warranties - so if you are buying privately, this may be a good option for you to look at.

Let us know how you get on
Rob Bell

I have a ZS 180 (2001),55k miles, no major problems at all!. Enjoy it!

Jim welcome to the MG WORLD i've got a ZS 180 HATCH 05 reg it has put a smile on my face,i also have a 97 MGF and a 1977 mgb roadster dont listern to other people listern to your hart and read the threads on all sits get advise from pros and have the car checked have fun ?

In the Newspaper today there is a ad showing SMC in High Wycombe are advertising brand new 06 plate MG ZS 180 for 11,995. 0845 121 5365.
Buy one and join the club

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