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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Access to ZS for oil change

Has anyone got a reasonable method of getting underneath their ZS?

For my old MG's I can jack them in a number of places and support them on axle stands. Alternatively I can run them up a set of ramps.

But with the ZS it is more problematical. Ramps are out because the ground clearance is too low for normal lenght ramps and also the tyres are too wide for regular ramps.

Jacking seems to be only possible at the 4 jacking points with no where to place axle stands. The Mk 2, with the plastic sill decoration is a particular problem as it is not obvious that stands could be used along the sills

With the demise of MGR it seems sensible to start looking at a DIY approach to servicing but how to get underneath safely to do an oil change?
M Parris

19 in Quick Fit should see the job done!

Every car has a multitude of hard points underneath where is is both safe and sensible to place stands once the car is raised. The common points are always where suspension components are bolted to the body. In the case of the ZS there is the main front subframe which carries the suspension loads and anchorage points and this is ideal. At the rear is a cross beam from which both rear suspension lower arms are attached and this too is ideal. Indeed if there is a problem it is getting a trolley jack under the bodykit to be able to jack up under another hard point. Otherwise servicing is quite straight forward, apart from the rear bank of spark plugs on the KV6!!!

Roger Parker

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