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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Amusing Electrical Problem

I have a slight technical problem with my 2004 ZS 180. When I activate the windscreen wipers automatically (ie using the windscreen washers or the intermittent wipe) the boot catch is released. Using the wipers in normal "wiping" mode doesn't have any effect. Has anyone else had this problem and found out how to fix it? Presumably there is a short or a fault with the relay that triggers the wipers so that it is also triggering the boot release. If it was my midget I could get out the trusty AVO meter and trace the fault. With this modern thing I can't even get to the electrics. Like I need an electric boot release anyway.

Any suggestions gratefully received. I can see that if I take it to the dealership they'll charge me 50 and say its fixed without doing anything.
Roger C


You don't say if it's a 4 or 5dr so my reply below may or may not help.

My wife's 214 suffered a similar problem recently in that the rear tailgate wiper packed up and the HRW seemed to be permanently on.

After much asking around, I was eventually told to check the wiring in the sleeve where the loom passes from the body into the tailgate. Sure enough, after 8yrs of, on average, 4-5 times opening/closing per day, the wires and insulation had fatigued, brittled and snapped. I had to resolder about 8 of the ten wires in the loom, but all is working again. A common problem, I gather, that can afflict many cars.

In your case, this may be the problem although not sure how that would connect with your front wipers. Nor why on a relatively new car. Perhaps something in the engine bay with a damaged loom?
Martin ZT


During windscreen wiper intermittent wipe operation, involuntary operation of either of the following may occur:

• The boot or tailgate latch may electronically release, boot/tailgate light illuminates (04 MY vehicles only - excluding MG TF)

• The drivers window may open

• The horn may sound

• Auxiliary lamps may flash on and off


This condition is caused by the emission of a high voltage transient spike from the wiper motor system during intermittent wipe operation. This causes the SCU to malfunction may result in the above functional problems.

(part number XBS000040) suppressor
(part number YPC116330) connector

connect the suppressor fly-lead to the ‘Blue’ wire at the rear of the wiper switch connector
regards andy

Thanks for the help. I'm encouraged that I might actually be able to fix the problem myself.
For the record, its a 5 door (4 doors and a boot were more expensive).
Roger C

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