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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Brighton Speed Trilas

Anyone go to the Brighton Speed Trials? Hmmm hmmm some lovely motors there. I know nothing to do with MG's (except there were a few old MG examples, and some woman razzing her brand new mgtf up the 1/4 mile - which she done in about 16/17 seconds if i remember rightly) but everyone here obviously loves cars.

Among the cars present were:

Ferrari F40
Ferrari F50
Ferrari 360 Spider (only 200 miles on the clock)
Quite a few GT40's
The fastest Allard in the world.
One of the fastest Porsche's in the country
A Very quick RS2000 MKII (Now thats a car!!!)

I got some good digital video shots of a 4x4 Puma X-TRAK doing the distance in 10 seconds, and a Suzuki Hayabusa doing it in 9 seconds!! got to be seen to be beleived!

If you like cars i highly recommend the Brighton Speed Trials. all in all there were some gorgeous examples of cars, and all of them were being driven in anger.


Thought the speed trial were no longer held?
Went a few years back to see the drag/sprint bikes

it is indeed still on, and an excellent day out - even if you don't particulary like cars/bikes.

the commentary is excellent, and can make even the most boring parts of the day (like cars taking for ever lining up on the lights) great fun.

there were plenty of cringe factors too - a GT40 executing short but powerful darts to warm up the tyres ended up chucking out gravel which fell out of it's air-intakes (from a previous off on a circuit and into a gravel trap). this gravel was then flicked up at velocity all over the patiently waiting F40!!! the F40 owner/driver just sat there in complete dismay while 15,000+ people cringed in chorus.

oh - and i i got badly burnt on the face from facing the sun all day so i recommend sun-block and hat.


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