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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - British Touring Car Championship

Well the MG's did not get off to a brilliant start for the BTCC 2003. The first race at Mondello they were right on the pace with the Astras, some excellent tight pack racing going on there. Unfortnately no MG's finished the 2nd race.

I only got to see the race repeated last night on five.

Come on XPower!!!

I've got it all on video Darren!
R U going to Brands Hatch at all?


I would love to go Brands Hatch to see the event - I love the circuit. I have raced on their a few times myself (motorcycles). Unfortunately we will not be going this year - due to the fact we just forked out for new MG car. i will definately look into going next year though.



I see from another post that you are from the Huntingdon area, I am from Huntingdon myself. Give me a flash if you see a silver zs180 on your travels. What MG did you purchase?. Pity you can't make Brands this year, it will be a great day. Then again there are plenty of other BTCC meets this year.
P Wilkinson

Hi P Wilkinson

I bought an MG ZS120+ silver, with 17inch alloys. at the moment i am flashing all MG's i see - but so far no response!!! but i will keep trying!


Glad your happy with car, hope to see u on the roads around Cambridge soon


You can't miss me - i will the one in the shiny silver MG with a big grin on my face :o)

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANKS to Kelvin who saved me a waste of journey to my local Rover dealer. My airbag light would not extinguish, but Kelvin suggested checking a wire under the drivers seat which connects up the side airbags. the wire had got a bit taught through movement of the seat, and i guess, was almost fully disconnected. i just adjusted the wire to free it from it's "taught" position and pushed the connectors together firmly. turned the ignition - SRS lights up, SRS goes out - absoloutely perfect!!!

Thanks again Kelvin :o)

for anyone that is interested check out the direct replacement filter from K&N for the 1.8i (Elise Engine), which you can find here in the Lotus > Induction section...


Anyone know if the rumours of Brands Hatch closing are true?

I heard that they were going to build houses on it. :-(

Scarlet Fever

That was the rumour, so whats up with street racing!! :-)

Funny that Octagon is changing its name to 'Brands Hatch Circuits' (or something like that)

Off Topic now.

It may have been Brands Hatch Circuits for sometime, and if not, to split the business up, back into seperate bits, may make it easier to sell off to the developers!?

Brands Hatch Leisure is what it was/is called!

Me and my mother-in-law do alot of racing at Hatch (vintage motorcycles - sidecar), so I will see if i can find out anything.

if they do decide to demolish brands hatch & turn it into a nice residential cul-de-sac will they be putting speed bumps down,every 20-30 yards coz surely this is gonna ruin the races :o)

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