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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - buying a ZT180 auto

Hi All,

Just considering to buy a 2002 MG Zt 2.5I V6 180 4DR Automatic with 70K miles on the clock.

Any weak spots I should look for ?

Was the underside just as rust sensitive as an MG F ?

Thanks for your help.

Marjori Prikett

fuel pumpr>Can't help you on the auto transmission which I believe was a JATco unit and no problems that I have heard about on other forums.
As to rust, all the bolts in the engine bay on my June 02 ZT 160V6 have corroded, but that would be about the only problem I have noted. I replaced teh exhaust back box with one from Moto-build in March this year and had a good long look underneath and all looked well, despite 82k miles of motoring including many of those on gritted motorways in Winter.

A few things to consider:

Cost of tyres.
Martin ZT

Thanks Martin, sounds all very positive! Getting more enthousiastic by the day. Unfortunately the one I had in mind was unfortunately just sold before I showed my interest.

Now looking for another one
Marjori Prikett

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