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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Buzzing!!! ARRRRRGGGG

I have a REALLY agrovating Buzzing sound behind the dash when I am doing more than 85mph on my ZT. Souds like theres a problem with the radio, that type of a buzz. but it isnt the radio as it still buzzes in from of me with everything switched off. Lights you name it. It isnt the dash because that's pretty solid and anyway some percussive maintenance didnt affect it in any way


I think it's aerodynamic because I tried the same revs in 4th and no such buzz existed and it does seem to be altered by gusts of wind.

Anybody else experienced anything similar?

I have a horrid feeling it has something to do wth the screen as I managed to shut it up by squirting the windscreen washers. Just doing the windscreen wipers didnt stop it. SO it isnt the blades as far as I can guess


So difficult to suss


Sure it's not coming from the passenger airbag?

it's the in built speed limiter

Still does it.
I still think it's aerodynamic, if I whizz the whindscreen washers it stops!.
Will have a tinker with the windscreen wipers


Leaves in the fresh air intakes?
Andy Dear

My ZT-T (diesel) has a very irritating buzz also. Like all annoying things though it comes and goes, not speed or revs critical. As far as I can trace it seems to come from the clock because if I press my finger on the clock face it stops. Then it starts again as soon as I take it off. Bit awkward driving around with your finger on the clock!

Whilst we are on about buzzing sounds the car also has developed a vibration buzz underneath when pulling hard, say up a hill. I think it's the exhaust touching the floor pan or something. I will get the garage to have a look, it's due for a service soon.

By the way, this car is not quite 12 months old (Dec'05), so far the CD changer has packed up working, had to replace both headlamp bulbs, and it's gone through tyres (rears for some strange reason?) like nobody's business. Also not quite as ecconomical as I had hoped. In case your linking the tyre wear and not so good mpg, no, it's not driving style!


Yes I can definitely say that it's something to do with the windscreen or windscreen wipers the buzz goes away if I squirt the washers. ..weird.

Yeah I have rear tyre wear but this is entirely foot on floor related in the rear drive ZT260!


Got exactly same noise and it seems to be related to speed and gets louder when it is gusty, so it is something related to airspeed,but I found if I operate windscreen wipers or goes ?.cant find anything obvious.
T Lawson

Replaced Mitchelin tyres this week,had continental sports fitted.Would you believe,The Buzz has now dissapeared.250 miles on motorway over w/end,not a sound.Also road noise reduced by about 50%.

I just hit the windscreen wipers when the buzz starts. Its been well behaved recently though. Very odd

I wonder if any R75 owners have this problem?


I fixed the buzzing clock with a few appllications of Comma antirust wax spray dribbled around the glass edge (excess wiped off of course!) It seeps into the joint, then when it hardens it stops the glass buzzing.
other buzzes seem to come and go as the interior warms up - OK after a few miles
Buzzes underneath can be the heatshield vibrating - it's easily bent back

Hope this helps
JN Davies

Thanks JN, I will try that this weekend.

Hi Neil, I have a Rover 75 tourer - It also has a mystery buzz in the dash - it seems to be related to road vibration from the tyres (Avons)- possibly confirmed by Tony's tyre change - it stops on smooth roads and on motorways at speed.I have an idea it comes from the air vents but haven't plucked up the courage to dismantle them - could be the washer pipes run close to the air vent plastic and pumping water through them moves them slightly. Meanwhile I will turn up the CD player - Cheers Cam (MGA)
Cam Cunningham

Thanks Cam
I need to have a further tinker


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