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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Cold water from fascia above frt pas/ger f/well

ZS 120+
Have had very cold water coming down into passenger footwell on odd occasions.
thought it may be from AirCon.
Dealer had a look but said not so. Anyone had same problem?
d bowden

Poorly put together, I'm afraid.

But thinking about it, VW's are probably worse, you only have to look at the latest reliabilty surveys to see German cars are even worse.

I see someone has resorted to impersonating me.........
The Real Eric

Yes in ZS 180 - loose pipe


Yup Eric VW's are indeed worse. Two neighbours of mine have VW's - one a new shape Polo and the other a 52 plater Golf. The Polo has been towed away to the dealers 5 times to my knowing and the Golf below a head gasket last week.

The ariel mast on my ZS + died thank to my ex-gf putting an ariel ball on the end which weighed it down and damaged the connections - oh well!


VWs are definitely worse, what is going on here? This can't be right.
The Real Eric

There's always the exception -- my '98 VW GTI VR6 has been fabulous. After some initial glitches with the audio system, the car has been nearly faultless for seven years and 55K miles.

Gryf Ketcherside

I had a Rover 45 Loan car while my 180 was in for some work. This also sprang a leak from the dash into the passenger footwell. This was the Air con pipe from the condensor. The service manager knew exactluy what it was when I reported it , and he fixed it in 2 minutes flat.....

VW Golf has nothing on a Lotus Elise when it comes to cold water coming into the footwell (and the rest of the cockpit - and that's with the hood up! LOL). Difference is you know where the cold water is coming from - the heavens! Mind u, means u can have a shower on the way to work...

The wife's Ford Contour (Mondeo to the rest of you) decided to spill a fair quantity of cold AC condensate into the front footwells during a family road trip several years ago. We got the leak fixed at a Ford dealership in another state, but by that time the rugs were saturated and ruined, and eventually were replaced under warranty.

Then after the extended warranty ran out, two major components of the AC failed, several weeks apart... necessitating TWO expensive repair bills. This was shortly after I found myself unemployed, and we were trying to avoid any unnecessary expenses. Not amusing at all.

Anyway, the Ford's working again, as am I. Times are better. I do want to add though, that that Ford has been one of the most troublesome cars we've ever owned. There is such an obvious difference between it and my VW. As I quipped to my wife, "Your car is making my midget look good!"

Gryf Ketcherside

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