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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - delaminating MG badge on my ZT

The colour of my MG badge ion the front bumper of my ZT260 has come off in a couple of places

Will have to get a new one. Anybody out there got any cool alternatives than just getting a standard replacement.

I understand they are just stuck on


OK let's have a vote

which is the cooler


the ZT is Solar Red


The front badge on my Dec'05 ZT-T has delaminated just the same. When I spoke to the garage about it (I have a 24k mile warranty in the purchase deal) they said badges were not covered. They also said it was unusual and they have not seen it before, hinting, but not actually saying, that it must be something I have done.

Looking around at other Z's it seems to happen a lot. Anyone else had the same?

As far as the vote goes, I prefer the red background badge but wouldn't mind the Cross of St George either.


both the front and rear on my 2003 zt have gone and my 2002 zr is going. it is a very common fault

2 questions

how do you remove the knackered originals?

why doesnt someone produce replacements in enamel?

The ones I posted ARE enamel, and will be what I get.

I understand that they are just "stuck" on with double sided tape, so could be carefully prized off. Tell me if I am wrong!

N J Willetts 1

I found it quite difficult to remove the delaminated badge on the front of my 2004 ZT-T.

In the end I drilled a small hole in the centre and inserted a self tapping screw. I gripped this with "Mole" type grips and was then able to very slowly lever the badge off. I used a flat piece of wood wrapped in cloth to lever against so as to avoid damaging the paintwork.
Andy Dear

Thanks Andy I can imaging it will be the same on my ZT


Got the red one and it's a very high quality item


Fitted it yesterday

The old OEM badge took some persuasion to come off but rule no. 1 is that you must start at the BOTTOM
It hinges out better from there
just use an old screwdriver. I used a blunt chisel carefully applied at the bottom of the badge.

lever the old badge out

The I married the new badge up to the hole and discovered that the badge will not fit flush to the bottom of the hole unless some subtle adjustments were made to the new badge, namely the bottom edge of the badge.

Go this right with the appropriate application of a grind wheel to to put an angle on the botom 3 edges of the badge.

Once the fitment was judged perfect I took the protective paper off the sticky back of te badge

And bingo perfect fit and stuck for good.


Neil, I am reminded of a certain Young Ones sketch set in a launderette... ;o)

Do they do a silver MG on black? Can't find one...
Rob Bell

A mixture of subtlety and extreme violence?
I am in contact with the bloke who sells these.

I asked him for a 59mm copy of the Xpower SV silver badge. I believe that these will sell by the dozen! Let's see what he comes back with.

Other than that the Red MG badge looks fine but would probably look even better on a black or grey car. Nevertheless it's way better than a peeling OEM badge

...Look what I got from the Morgue! It'll look great on the bonnet of my car!


Looking for something to replace the delaminating badges on my ZT too! Front's the worst... Our car is Royal Blue - so I doubt that red would be a good choice for me!

But for a mix of subtlety and extreme violence that somehow gets to mention Felicity Kendal's knickers, I reckon silver on black would look pretty good :o)

Hmm... MG X-Power... yup, I might go for one of those too! :o)
Rob Bell

It's only the stubborn understains that are holding your OEM badge together!

Ifmatey comes up with a decent go at the X Power badge I'll have one too!

he does these

I asked for one of these 59mm across


Well, he's infringed enough trademarks, so he might as well go the whole hog ;o)

Not keen on any of the current designs to be honest. Most make me feel queezy. A pink background octagon? Puuuuuurrrrrrllleeeeeaaaase!

X-Power octagon will be just fine, thanks. :o)

What size is the MGF rear octagon? I think I'd rather like one for the back of my F as well please. :o)

BTW why can't he do OEM style badges in OEM colours? The ZTT would certainly benefit from having a durable standard-looking badge!
Rob Bell

All these sentiments have already been passed on. Yeah Pink!! There is one lady who SF knows who would go for that!

Trademark infringements yeah, but currently I would think pretty safe ground given the circumstance

The Xpower one is big winner though!


Let me know when he gets back to you. Am itching to order one or two of these :o)
Rob Bell

My contact says he is looking into production in about 2 weeks!

I told him I would have one too!


Great - keep me posted! :o)
Rob Bell

Any news Neil? :o)
Rob Bell

No news yet
Hold your horses, dont want to seem too keen he'll put the price up!

LOL! Keep at him Neil... I WANT ONE! ;o)
Rob Bell

Em on der coise


Can you Google translate that please? The subtitles on this website doesn't appear to be working at the moment ;o)
Rob Bell

I guess you guys were sick of Swedish so I thought, Oil start to tok all Brommie or sommat

Oh lordie.

Gizzus the flippin' badges, allwoight?
Rob Bell

Ahh say I em on the chappie's case Ok Jah!


Badge is still delaminating on a daily basis Neil - is this guy waiting for it to disolve before bringing out the new designs? ;o)
Rob Bell

The factory ZT grille badges are cr*p, to be frank. Mine was replaced under warranty and the replacement is delaminating in the same manner. Dos this guy do standard looking ones as well as all the funny colour stuff?

That'd be bostin, moight...
M.G. Writer

Vad Fan Gor Du? Says the client
yes I am back in Volvo head office!
Skit Bra I say!

I will prompt my contact about the Xpower copy badges. Yes we all want one.

MG Writer. I have not seen any sensibly coloured ones other than the 1970s Black on Red one that currently adorns the front of my ZT260 which currently languishes in Long Term parking at Stansted

Be warned to fit these heavy and well produced enamel badges involves Felicity Kendal's underwear...a combination of subtlety and extreme violence

Actually, I completely agree with MGW - it would be well worth this chaps time producing some completely standard, contemporary badges as replacements for the absolutely appalling ones supplied on the 'Project Drive' era MGs.

The badges on my 11 year old MGF are faultless. The badges on my 3 year old ZTT are abysmal.

Neil - drop me an email - perhaps I'll start asking this chap for standard badges too.
Rob Bell

Already Done Rob

I suggested the same thing to him a few weeks back



Now offer him some Felicity, and if he doesn't get his skates on, or some extreme violence/ unsavoury under garments are going to follow! ROFLMAO
Rob Bell

Hi guys.Sorry to be a pain in the bum but I have to replace the front badge on my daughters MG ZR. I've got the new badge but very recently there was a thread about changing the badge and,more particuarly,about getting the old one off by "flossing".I've searched the recent archives but can't find the item.Does anybody recall it and can give me a steer.I want to get this wee job done right.Thanks folks hope to hear from you.
MR Blencowe


Could be the use of dental floss to separate the badge from its glue, interesting concept

Prefer the Felicity technique myself but people may find that they damage the bumper of their car doing that

try item number 250052636495

on Fleabay

But be quick!



Item 250052605831 is very nice too! :o)
Rob Bell

Did you see that it went for 45

he has more

Rob Bell

I told you they were going to sell!


I had the same problem with my 52 plate ZR about a year after purchased and the badges replaced under (what was) dealer warrenty when Mg Rover was still alive.

Front / Back and wheel centres, unfortunately they are all going again.

Try internet as above. They are of pretty good quality albeit a bit flat and you have to resort to "fitting" the new one.


here you go ...fleabay item 250055169422


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