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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Disillusioned MG Owners

Taken from various posts on various forums.....


"i wondered if any one else has had such a troublesome time with their mg. So far I've had a new clutch at 7,000 miles, the whole drivers side re sprayed due to paint runs that had been rubbed down and were showing through the final paint finish, air bag sensors playing up twice, squeaking clutch peddal fixed on the 3rd visit, doors that didn't close correctly, boot lid falling on my head that was fixed 2nd visit, rear brakes binding and now to top that off its rusting on the bonnet hindges to a extent that they need replacing. I took the car in for the hindges and was told it would have to be booked in again to be done as they'd only allowed a day to do it and would need it for 2 or 3 days. I am still waiting a week later to hear back. When i told the dealer of all my problems they offered me a valet, tank of petrol and some autoglym leather care cream. Is this fair compensation for the hassle i've had in 8 months of owning this car. At £17,500 of car i think its a joke.
sorry about the depressive content but i just wondered if this is a one off. If it is then i'll consider another one soon if it's a common thing maybe it'll be time to return to another make...."


"well my dad has just got a brand new ZT and had nothing but problems

after 3 weeks its back in the garage, its done 2000 miles and the engine has a problem, well 3 problems but they came up as unknown errors so they don't know how to fix it, now been in garage for a week with them no closer to fixing it

not what u expect for a brand new £22k car

by the sounds of these forums the build quality on MGs is terrible, bits of trim and stuff i have read falling off just shouldn't be happening, i mean i have a 13 year old nova and don't get any problems"


"....I have a 4 door and my car was in for new boot springs last week . . . . it is worse now than when it went in . . . not had time to go back and complain yet"


"I suppose that if these petty things are all we have to worry about on our MG's then thats a good thing? - But its also disappointing that what I consider to be a classy sports car is hampered by these silly defects that surely should be eradicated in the build by now?"

You can draw your own conclusions from this tale of woe.




"My TF 160 is much worse on build quality than the P reg MGF VVC it replaced"


"TF160 -
1st day of ownership lost most of the coolant due to a faulty expansion cap.
2nd week , broken wing mirror
3rd week new steering rack"


"Right, here goes.TF 135 bought new April 2002, new throttle body,new ECU, new potentiometer, lost count of ECU re-mapping, finally, in NOVEMBER 02 am told ECU was mapped for an F!! Put right, instant power! but still suffering from throttle shunt at low revs,drives like the proverbial "BAG OF S---TE" in traffic.{Does any-one in the north west know how to set a K series up, because the dealers cant!}.Bent bracket on subframe has rubbed a nice groove in offside rear tie-bar,rear view mirror shaking {yes fixed it myself with a gob of mastic,should I have to?}Oh, forgot to mention, it goes in on Thursday for a new gearbox!My god, are the dealers really capable of such major surgery!I wait with baited breath,could this be the start of something big, and nasty.Its ironic,but I still love her, it could, and should be a great car,but I am slowly losing confidence.Anyway, thats got that off my chest!! Yours, SICK AS A BLACKPOOL DONKEY!"


"brought auto mgtf (yes auto)Feb 2003 (pre reg) since then
1 rust on winderscreen surround
2 3 x new petrol caps due to petrol leaking from petrol cap area, have been told by dealer not to fill the tank as recommended by MGR.
3 Seat belt drivers side has intermittent fault
5 Different trims on drivers door had to be replaced.
4 ABS lock up
5 Various odd noises from engine dealer told me it was due to a mid engine car and I wasn't use to hearing the engine.!!!!
Just waiting for next problem. Very disappointed with quality am looking to sell."


You and mega should be very happy...

Most of these are MGTF faults..
your posting in the wrong section!!



I drive an MGZS180 approching 27k in no way disillusioned!


#1. Paint - dealer problem. Vehicle should not have passed PDI. Buyer should have been more thorough checking the vehicle over before accepting delivery. As for the other stuff - looks like a lemon. Unfortunately unlike California we have no lemon laws in the UK. Lobby your MP.

#2. You are within your rights to reject the car.

#3. Sounds like a dealer problem to me. When collecting your car from any dealership after work has been done, do everything you can to validate the work before you leave the premises.

#4. No specific problems mentioned. Can draw no conclusions from this. Sounds like a case of sour grapes.

#5. OFF TOPIC - MGF/TF. Must've got a good VVC then. If the punter was happy with it, why upgrade? Specifics would be nice ...

#6. OFF TOPIC - MGF/TF. Expansion cap problems are pretty rare these days the current ones are reliable - I daresay there could be one or two dodgy ones out there. Unlucky. How was the wing mirror broken? If it was pre-delivery, once again it should have been picked up at PDI. If not, dunno. Steering rack - nothing I've heard about before - once again, unlucky.

#7. OFF TOPIC - MGF/TF. Sounds like the dealer has gone through a "by-the-numbers" part replacement when throttle control is intermittent. Looks like they have installed the wrong map into MEMS when it was replaced. Dealer problem. Demand to speak with the dealer principal regarding your issues. Write to MGR and complain about their lack of action.

#8. OFF TOPIC - MGF/TF. 1. Shouldn't have passed PDI. Once again, new buyer not thinking straight when they see new shiny car. ALWAYS *THOROUGHLY* CHECK IT OVER BEFORE YOU DRIVE IT OFF THE FORECOURT. 2. Sounds like is isn't the petrol cap that is at fault. Bollock the dealer, and if you get no joy, take it elsewhere. 3. Shouldn't have passed PDI. This problem is dangerous and the car should not be driven until this is fixed. I'm not going into the rest as this sounds like a really shoddy dealer. Demand to speak with the dealer principal regarding your issues. GO ELSEWHERE AND COMPLAIN TO MGR.

And I suppose on your trawls through the various forums you conveniently forgot to select the other 90% of threads that related to what a great car, zero complaints etc etc. And I don't suppose you bothered to visit any other manufacturer's sites to check out the misgivings owners may have had there too?

Oh, isn't it wonderful to pick on one manufacturer and state your case in such an unbiased manner!

"Alan" of Crewe

What is your agenda? Why on earth pontificate on an enthusiasts forum instead of writing to Which?, or one of the other myriad of consumer organisations? What on earth you hope to achieve here is beyond me! I know nothing (and care less)about what you drive but any rational person would sell and buy from the competition if they are as disgruntled as you seem. Enthusiasts here are as likely to take as much notice of you as they would of MEGA, or several others who have come and dissapeared back up their own backsides after a while.


well said ACE

"Alan" of Crewe, I have just posted the following to Mega. I suggest you do the same:

Go boil your head you F***ing Tosser.


>So far in nearly 12 months all I have had go wrong is the Flasher unit. Only other problem is a few too many (IMO) small paint chips on the front bumper (Trophy Blue)<

>Coming up to 12 months ownership of TF160...and no problems at all! Great car and well worth the investment!<

>Can anyone give us a brief run down of the problems with the TF

After 12 months and 12K miles - sorry can't help you.<


>After 12 months and 10,000 miles I'm pleased to report no problems from my TF160, its a pleasure to own and drive.<


>6 months, 5k no problems with my TF160 (do get the misty headlights now and again).<

>11 Months and 16.5K Miles - No probs and I LOVE IT! <

>The build quality on my 160 is so much better than the F.<

>Had my TF for 6 months now - 10K, not a problem (touch wood) and still having a ball. Changed my life ;-) <

>She goes back to the dealer for the first time tomorrow for the 12 month service. By this time with the F, I was the god father to most of the mechanics children.<

You can draw your own conclusions from these tales of sheer delight and there are dozens more in the archive.

The TF - sui generis

The real beauty of the ww-web is that a simple search will provide evidence of disatisfaction of ANY make and model of car. Yes, even the often highly over-rated ones. Stop and think for a moment. Enthusiasts web-sites can give a false impression. They are a little like a Doctor's surgery .... many of the people there are there because they are unwell or have problems. The well being others have no need to attend.

John McFeely

For every unhappy customer, there are two happy ones. Not everyone in this country knows how to get things sorted. Britons are not naturally happy in the service of others because of our archaic class system.

As for customer satisfaction surveys, take it from a 53 year old satisfied MGF VVC owner who was employed by Ford Motor Co for nine years witnessed many instances of bribery by the dealer to the customer not to say things which would harm their chances of annual bonuses.

The point here is surely that we are never going to be satisfied as expectation rises ever higher. My computer has problems, my house has problems, my business has problems. Nothing in life is certain.

There are problems with ALL cars and trucks and the Germans, Swedes and French motor industries know this to be true of their products as well.
The sheer complexity driven by legislation is much to blame.

Perhaps this is why the MGB is so popular. No electronics and plenty of moving parts.

Tony H

Before I bought my F, I canvassed a lot of people both here in Australia and elsewhere on their thoughts on F ownership. If I were to go purely on the info in this BBS, I'd never have bought the car, yet talking to people face to face, to a person they all enjoyed the car and were enthusastic in their praise. At the end of the day, it's risk but a worthwhile one I think. I've also learnt that you need to research the dealer from whom you wish to buy the car - it's not just the deal, but also their reputation for looking after the client after the deal is completed.

Just been reading a few posts on Jerrys site - there seem to be an increasing band of pi55ed-off ZR drivers out there - both in terms of the car and cr@p dealers...

Guess what they're buying?

...............MINI Cooper!!!!!

well I hope they read

<<Guess what they're buying?

...............MINI Cooper!!!!! >>

No. Get it right. Some are looking at Mini Coopers and then realising that what they've got is much better.

MGF owned since new February 1996:-

Warranty work:-

New weld to cill and respray - use of loan *F* whilst being done.

New Mems unit:-

New seat belt escutcheons (recall all early *F*s)

Routine work:-

One set of tyres and brake pads.

Thousands of hours of silly grins especially after coming off the Nürburgring!

Ted Newman

I went to the hospital today, and there I saw great masses of ill people. There were wards for eye problems, leg problems, back problems, problems with kidneys, livers, lungs, hearts, and stomachs; problems with people getting old, being too large, too small... honestly, humans, who'd be one, eh? You'd have thought they would have got the build quality sorted out by now, and they're not cheap, you know... (etc etc etc, moan moan, drivel drivel)
P Hudson

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