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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Does a K-N air filter increase horsepowerto V6 eng

Does a K-N air filter increase horsepowerto V6 engine?

An open cone filter within the engine bay may gain a small increase in power in the winter, but in the summer it will undoubtedly loose you power over the standard filter. If you want to increase the power then a closed induction system is the way to go.

However, I have an open cone ITG filter in the wheel arch of my MK2 ZS180. I have opened the recess next to the fog light to let cold air through to the filter.


Seen your ex-MG Rover ZS on your website Ralph - not seen it in the flesh yet though. Looks a gorgeous car. I like that power bulge - although I presume it doesn't still retain the supercharger?

Whose supercharger was it, do you know? And are you planning to fit one in future? :o)
Rob Bell

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