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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Engine missing 3500 rpm full throttle

My car is a Jan 2005 registered MG ZT 1.8 turbo. It has done 67000 miles and I bought it in May 2006 with 1634 miles on it.

In normal road use I don't use the full bore acceleration power of my car very often so I dont know when this problem first started but I guess I first noticed it about 2 years ago. If you accelerating with wide open throttle in, say, 3rd gear the engine will suddenly miss a couple of beats in the 3500 to 4000 rpm range.

This is rarely a problem for me but yesterday I had my MGB entered in the MG Car Clubs sprint at Curborough. The B was not ready after its winter work so rather than lose my entry fee I took the ZT along in its place. So the missing problem was a major handicap. Although I still had fun.

Back to the problem. Does anyone have any idea what it is?

Could it be the ignition being cut by the knock sensor? I had assumed that that would be less dramatic as I believe knock sensors back the timing off in the first instance.

I have heard of people having fuel pump problems on 75s and ZTs. Is this the sort of symptom the fuel pump issue exhibits?
David Witham

To paraphrase the Quantas fault report of many years ago

"Engine found after short search under bonnet ..."

Sorry. It could probably be absolutely anything, especially if it's irregular and/or intermittent. If fuel starvation i.e. pump problems I'd have expected the problem to continue while at full throttle. If it always happens the same way at the same point in the acceleration cycle then it seems more likely something to do with one or more of the sensors for the engine management. Any fault codes? Plug condition?
PaulH Solihull

A bad Spark Plug will act lie this.
Easy enough to change.
Dave B.
DW Burdette

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