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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Familiarity breeds contempt

I had forgotten how good the ZS180 drives lately, you drive the thing most days and get used to the handling and performance. Well, for the next few weeks we have a Nissan Almera while the ZS is being repaired (old man useing our rear end instead of his brakes). Try one some day and you will then marvel at your MG's performance once again.
Nik & Anita

The Almera must be just like the streetwise then! I have one of them for 3 weeks whilst MG make my ZT, i have to keep driving to the dealership and look through the fence at night and just remind myself what i am suffering in aid of....a grown man drooling is not a nice site but nor is a grown man in a streetwise (affectionally re-named my "Noddy car"!).
Jon boyden

That's what I feared Jon,but on the Streetwise thread several people are trying to defend it!

Tony, yes i saw the defence of the marque but all i can think is that these people do not drive one or else they have had a hard life and upbringing and not ever driven a decent the ZT! Or even the ZR or ZS which are far far better than the streetwise.
Jon Boyden

Don't make me laugh, MG zeds are decent cars?
Rovers that have just been tarted up by the maxpower boys, aren't they? (Or so half the motoring press/public seem to think!)

See, everyone's entitled to an opinion on what is a decent car that reflects good taste.

Yes I defended the Streetwise. Actually, I had a fairly good upbringing, too. And funnily enough I have a ZT on the drive, too. And I am hoping in the near future to convince the wife to let me trade her 214 for a Streetwise so I can use it for local runs! But then I don't give a monkey's what anyone thinks of me based on what I drive, otherwise I'd have a BMW 3 series!



Martin...If you had a 3 series we would all race for the phone....the men in white jackets are already stood by and that would just prove you were barking!

Seriously, no hurt intended just fun, as you say we are all entitled to our views and opinions and without variety the BB would be as boring and dull as the Streetwise.

I have had a 75 and a ZT and i can safely say the 2 are not similar to drive and the ZT wins hands down for me.

Finally a picture to conjour with.....Imagine a guy 6 foot 5" tall, 20 stone and with short legs driving a Streetwise....that is why i hate mine! Thankfully it has a sunroof and inclined i can just about sit in the thing.
Jon Boyden

Hah, now I see where you're coming from LOL :-)
BTW, also had the 75, and now the ZT, chalk and cheese!
Also, imagine short guy, 5'6", always teased at school about being shortest in co-ed class, therefore, never been overly bothered about appearances anyway, but I think I might draw the line at a Humvee, would have to look through the steering wheel and use pedal extenders :-)

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