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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Fuel Pump Failure

whilst in Yorkshire after some enthusiastic driving the V8 decided to start to misfire and then to not work at all.

fuel pump Failure.
It's a common thing and there is a shortage of pumps so if this happens to your car you'll know what's wrong!


Hi Neil,

Funnily enough I was just reading about this - Rog Parker has written up the problem and how to DIY change the pump in the MGOC magazine - page 17.
Dave Livingstone

Is there a better pump available?
Rob Bell

How did you get home Neil? Roger was suggesting filling the car up. Also what is the current mileage of your car?

Tim Hayton

Car towed home on Green Flag trailer, all the way from Knaresborough Yorkshire!

I need to read the MGOC article, is it published on the web?

Current mileage 13,000



I'll scan in the article and email it to you.

Dave Livingstone

Hi Dave

I am a member of the MGOC ( boo) so it should be coming.
anyhow the task of fixing it is occuring right now at Trident so unfortunatley it's a bit late. I think/hope I am actually getting the job done cheap though!

in Communications with Rog about this and the results of my "Spirited" (as Cannonball Bob would call it) trek ( warp factor 9) across the Yorkshire moors! Tyres, brakes, engine, handling etc.

Should have had it by now Neil. Its been out for about two weeks. Good article, did not know there were two fuel pumps until I read it. You can read the problems I've had with the electrics if your interested.

Tim Hayton

All better now going beautifully. 222 later

I expected electrical gremlins when I bought the car so I deleted all the electrical bits for reliability sake
no sun roof, no sat nav, no traction control, nada!

only air con and extra airbags

No traction control Neil? Clearly, you were thinking of fitting a supercharger then!

Chatting to Rog about the 260 - and he mentioned that the TC has to be disabled if you are fitting a SC. The Ford TC that the 260 is fitted with is a very basic fuel cut off - perfect for detonating forced induction engines!
Rob Bell

Yeah traction control is for old ladies

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