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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - fuel pump problems ZTT

I have a ZTT 260 anyone know how to fix the (BMW)fuel pump I have had 4 new ones in a little over a year. They seem to fall apart every 5000 mile or so


Blimey Bob !
That's bad news
I had one go wrong just after MGR went bust and ended up paying for the fix. but it has been fine since.

Have a chat with Rog Parker at the MGOC for a more permanent resolution.


A failed ECU can give the same symptoms as a dead fuel pump. The drainange holes in the bulkhead quite often get blocked and water then overflows onto the ECU, causing it to fail. One way that it fails is by indicating a low fuel pressure, when the pump is actually working correctly.

On the Rover 75's and MG ZT & ZT-T the petrol models problem is NOT the fuel pumps but the filter housing inside the fuel tank itself. It is a common fault for the housing to come loose and leak pressurised fuel back into the tank causing a lack of fuel pressure to keep the engine running. Their is a modification which is a plastic clip that secures the housing so it does not work loose and keeps the fuel pressure right if their are any MGR dealers still about then they will or should have these clip in stock.

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