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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Getting to Spain what would you do?

For our summer holiday I have booked a fortnight in Spain, which looks like going haywire due to the Baggage handlers threatened strike. Really I thought the 70's were over!!

Travelling by Ryanair and hiring a Hertz car in Genoa. ( both paid for)
The wife hates flying and since booking I have received my ZT260 which got 24.75mpg on yesterday's run.

Ryanair are funny about cancellations but I could re-shedule the flights to October or something. Cancel the hire car, Go on Eurotunnels summer bargain 100 return trip and drive to Spain extending the holiday by a week or so.

What do you reckon? Take the MG or chance my hand at Stanstead??


You know it makes sense ;o)
Rob Bell

Portsmouth - Bilbao Ferry.
Dan Smithers

It depends on the behaviours of the baggage handlers. I will of course lose money big-time if we decide to change at such a late date.

Dan doesnt that ferry take about 3 days and costs hundreds of quid?


2 Days but lots of fun on board, not too expensive IIRC
Mike (London Office)

You could always leave the ZT at Trident and take a private jet out of Fairoaks.

Take the ZT :-)


I did some research a few years ago about taking the car ferry to Spain to visit the Moorish legacies in the south. I was keen to avoid and drive down both France and Spain.

The ferries to Spain appeared to be well liked and added to the holiday. I seem to remember it was around 24 hours at sea.

The bad news was that the price was VERY high during the holiday season. Off peak you could just about justify the costs in not having to the expense of a drive and overnight stay in France.

The other bit of bad news was the best deals in terms of cost and convenience of journey was by going via Plymouth. Now I realise that Devon and Cornwall are now merely one of the suburbs of London, but it is still a bleeding long drive to for those of us who live closer to the centre of London!

The baggage handlers are just playing poker. Perhaps you need a plan "B" of only laking the luggage that you can carry.
Patrick Beet

The Driving option is plan C
Plan B has been considered, and it is to stuff minimal gear into two pieces of handbaggage.

Unfortunatley, this wont stop the delays at the airport using airport transfers tunbridge wellss so we might as well take the whole lot!
could be worth taking "camping" supplies for the airport experience.

Now we know where all the little fasci5ts went in go and become baggage handlers, holding the Tourist to randsom... b@stards!


Strike threat lifted according to the BBC so looks like you will be able to "enjoy" a luxury journey with your baggage on Ryanair!
Patrick Beet


problem solved then

I have been to Spain many times, even more in the last 2 years since meeting my patner who originally comes from Bilbao.

Portsmouth or Plymouth to Northen Spain costs in the region of 800 to 1000, outward takes between 24 (Plymouth) and 30 (Portsmouth) hours.

Driving takes between 16 hours and 30 hours depending on traffic etc and if one needs to catch a nap.

Years ago with my ex (and kids) we drove further south taking a more lesuirly time stopping over night.

Since Easyjet started flying from Gatwick to Bilbao we fly for short visits and drive for longer ones.

James Davidson

Forget Spain. Spend a couple of weeks in Skeggie like wot I do!
N.J.W Wilkins


Another suggestion...

You could drive to my house and park the ZT 260 on my drive, i will then drive you to Stansted Airport (thus saving mega car parking fees). This is the ONLY benefit to me living within 8 miles of the airport. Hell, to keep you in the style you have become accustomed to i will even drive you there in my ZT 190. Or maybe i could scrounge up a new Jag or a Bentley for the short journey!

In return for this all i ask is that you leave me the keys while you are away... ;-)


Scarlet Fever

You live only 8 miles from Stanstead?
There is a danger that you may become a parking lot for MG owners!


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