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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Half Millionth MG Saloon

As the main publicity will be on the 1.5 millionth MG Roadster, which is the Jubilee gold car I was with at Longbridge today, it seems that the maintsream press missed out on their half day of maths and the other half school day on English in not reading the information before them.

As the information clearly stated, the 1.5 millionth MG was also the 1 millionth roadster. So by definition there has to be a half millionth saloon too.

What they missed out on was the fact that an Anthacite ZT-T 190 was that designated half millionth saloon. The identity of this car is obvioulsy known, but there was no fanfare for this car, and quite whether the forthcoming owners will know about it is unknown.

Just a little extra snippet of history.

Roger Parker

Roger and I - being the sad anoraks that we are - sniffed around both the Jubilee TF and the 'hiding-its-light-under-a-bushel' ZT-T to get the VIN numbers ... we're sad people really ... :))
David Knowles

we are not alone......

Roger Parker

So the half-millionth saloon is an estate?

Call be an old cynic, but is it very likely that that MG produced the one millionth two seater in the same week that its total production passed 1.5m.

Me thinks this is the just another example of the fertile imagination of the PR department once again loosing touch with reality and the truth in the search for another story.

No, on second thoughts I am and old cynic and it is true......



Did a quick calculation and I reckon my ZS180 is MG Number 1,468,213


Anyone know how the Zed comission numbers fit into the grand scheme of things numerically? Be interesting to know if you could look up when your MG was built and how many thousandth MG off the line it happened to be.

On my ZS there is a date written on a component (on inside of the grill behind MG Badge) its dated July 27th 2001!

As I took part of my ZS apart to fit in car stereo, alot of the moulding dates go much further back than that! It's probably the date of the mould rather than the moulding, considering parts of these cars have been in production for quite a long time!

The date I refer to and the date of first registration are not that far apart, my ZS was among the first to be built!

There is a very comprehensive breakdown of total MG production which was subject of some pretty exhaustive research prior to the cars being identified. This total breakdown forms part of the press release.

I was aware many weeks ago that the milestone was approaching and that based on the production volumes that mid April was going to be the time that it appeared. I am certain that some will find some areas of contention with the figures published, but as I found when going through them a while ago, I haven't got the authoritive data to cross reference, excepting the original Maestro Turbo production record, and so we base our perceptions on what previous authors have said.

Even so when you look between respected books on the subject you find many variations that reflect not on the authors, but the poor and incomplete records kept.

Even with incomplete or conflicting records the base line is that you still only move a couple of thousand here and there, which in the scheme of things with production rates would represent only a few days difference in the announcment. On the basis of their access to the most accurate records MG Rover has nailed their flag to the mast in respect of the millionth roadster and 1.5 millionth MG. It is the simple maths that dictated that there must be a 500,000th saloon, or better described as a multi seat fixed roof model! Coincidence pointed to the ZT-T being the car that attracted this label.

Roger Parker

"multi seat fixed roof model"

Thank you. ;-P

see my comments on the MGF section - the 1.5 million total may well be correct but the split between open and closed bodywork (A better definition than 'saloon' and 'roadster' IMO) is clearly in "convenient fantasy-land" for the marketing boys......

MG cars Produced Saloon Roadster Total
MG TF 2002- 4,027 4,027
MG ZT (Saloon & ZT-T estate) 2001- 5,760 5,760
MG ZS (5dr & Saloon) 2001- 8,392 8,392
MG ZR (3- & 5-dr) 2001- 14,195 14,195
MGF 1995-2001 77,269 77,269
MG RV8 1992-1995 1,983 1,983
MG Maestro Turbo 1989-1991 504 504
MG Montego Turbo 1985-1991 7,276 7,276
MG Montego EFi 1984-1991 34,476 34,476
MG Metro 6R4 1985-1986 205 205
MG Maestro 1600/2.0 EFi 1983-1991 47,914 47,914
MG Metro Turbo 1983-1990 21,968 21,968
MG Metro 1300 1982-1990 120,197 120,197
MGB GT V8 1973-1976 2,591 2,591
MGC/GT 1967-1969 9,002 9,002
MGB/GT 1962-1980 513,276 513,276
MG 1100/1300 1962-1971 157,409 157,409
MG midget 1961-1979 224,843 224,843
MG Magnette MkIII/IV 1959-1968 30,996 30,996
MGA Twincam 1958-1960 2,111 2,111
MGA 1955-1962 98,970 98,970
MG ZA/ZB Magnette 1953-1958 36,600 36,600
MG TF Midget 1953-1955 9,600 9,600
MG TD Midget 1949-1953 29,664 29,664
MG Y-type (YA/YB & YT open tourer) 1947-1953 7,459 877 8,336
MG TC Midget 1945-1949 10,001 10,001
MG WA 2.6-litre saloon 1938-1939 369 369
MG TB Midget 1939-1939 379 379
MG VA 1-litre 1936-1939 2,407 2,407
MG TA Midget 1936-1939 3,003 3,003
MG SA saloon/drophead coupe 1935-1939 1,876 862 2,738
MG R-type 1935-1935 10 10
MG Q-type Midget 1934-1934 8 8
MG PA/PB Midget 1934-1936 2,499 2,499
MG N-type Magnette 1934-1936 745 745
MG L-type Magna 1933-1934 576 576
MG K3 Magnette 1932-1934 31 31
MG K1/K2 Magnette 1932-1935 410 410
MG J3/J4 Midget 1932-1933 31 31
MG J1/J2 Midget 1932-1934 2,463 2,463
MG F1/F2/F3 Magna 1931-1932 1,250 1,250
MG D-type Midget 1931-1932 250 250
MG C-type Midget 1931-1932 44 44
MG 18/100 MkIII Tigress 1930-1931 5 5
MG M-type Midget 1928-1932 3,235 3,235
MG 18/80 Mk1/11 1928-1933 736 736
MG 14/40 & MkIV 1926-1929 851 851
MG 14/28 Super Sports 1924-1926 395 395
MG cars production total 1924-2002 500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000
David Knowles

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