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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Headlamp Bulbs

Bought a set of replacement bulbs(main & dipped) size according to handbook. Mistake!
Book says H1 main & H7 dipped.Unless I am mistaken they are both H7.Anyone else had this problem?
S Forbes

Are the bulbs model-specific ? if so which model do you have ?

Sorry,forgot to mention,ZS180. I havent tried the front fog lamps yet, apparently the front bumper has to be removed to gain access! Will investigate later.
S Forbes

I work for a German lighting company. I could easily answer you problem if you supplied more details.
Derek Holder

According to the handbook, my ZR is supposed to have H1 mainbeam, H7 dipped beam and H1 fogs.

So when I bought the appropriate ice-blue replacements, imagine the fun I had following the diagram for the fog lights which are in fact H11.

I ended up breaking the fog light (only following the instructions). Dealer felt I needed to order a whole new fog light unit but agreed to look into it. After 2 weeks, decided they weren't looking into it with sufficient importance and/or urgency so took it into my own hands.

Contacted OSRAM UK who corrected me and told me the broken thing I had in my hand was an H11, a relatively new bulb and socket all in one job which was only available by German import. They gave me the number of the sole UK importer down south somewhere and for about 15 incl p&p I got my new bulb, albeit a plain white one as other "shades" weren't available.

So a misinformed MG handbook would not surprise me for the ZS. They've done it for the ZR!


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