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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - heated screen switch

hi my father in laws zr 04 plate heated rear screen switch light is on all the time he dosent use it much any ideas why
rj hardwick

I can only go by the ZS, but it may help. Is it on when the ignition is off? If so that is bad as it will be draining the battery all the time unless you disconnect it, but the chances are that is just the relay, there should be a fuse you can pull to disconnect it.

If it goes on and off with the ignition, then unless it is wired differently to the ZS then it sounds more drastic, like something in the ECU :o(
PaulH Solihull

I have a 55 plate Rover 25 and have had troubles with the rear heated screen. Probably one of the most common problems with the 25/ZR is where the wiring loom passes from the body to the bootlid. Open up the boot and on the right hand side near the hinge there is a rubber hose going from the body to the bootlid. This contains wires for the top brake light, the screen, the wiper etc. Pull back the rubber from the bootlid and inspect the wires. They rub against the edge of the bootlid and eventually the insulation rubs off and the wires short and cause all sorts of trouble. Hope this helps.

I'm heading back to my midget forum now... ;-)
M Le Chevalier

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