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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - high ticking sound

I have just driven a brand new ZR160. I then noticed a high ticking sound from the motor. The salesman told me that this sound would disappear after some 2000 km. Is this correct
Nils Stjernqvist Sweden
n stjernqvist


That sounds like sales-lies to me.

To reassure you though, the fuel pump on my elise (also a K series engine), makes an audible ticking noise, it seems to come and go depending on the weather (presumably something to do with air pressure), at the moment (UK weather is currently very windy and raining) it's ticking!

C P Hawkins

The ticking from the fuel pump I know from my other MGs(TD,A,B )
The sound was more like a worn valve adjustment and came directly from the motor
n stjernqvist

It's the pistons rattling!

Oh dear!

With reference to your "Ticking Noise" My ZS has only done 4,000 miles and has just had a new set of "coated" pistons and new liners fitted. Has that knocking gone? not a bit of it!!!
alan wheatley

ZR 160 = 160bhp VVC 1.8 K engine.

Ticking is normal, especially when cold. Caused by oil not being up to temperature and not lubricating the hydraulic followers as effectively as they should. The sound'll dissapear as the engine warms up and it's nothing to worry about. Not revving the engine hard when cold is sound advice on all engines, this applies to the 1.8 K as well.

Scarlet Fever

Change your oil and filter and re-fill using a lower grade, I use 0W/40 Castrol RS on them and it cures the tappet rattle 98% of the time.
Steve Tyler

Don't buy it!!

....unless you like rattling pistons and tapping valvegear!

Bring on Honda..

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