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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - HOW DO I TUNE MY ZS 180?

I have a ZS 180 and I want to tune it up to the ZT 190 spec. I know the cam timing is different but can that be altered on the 180 without fiting new cams etc or do I need new camshafts as well? Also does the ECU need reprogramming.
Can anyone help

The extra 13ps for the ZT190 comes from advancing the cam timing by 4 deg usung a specific cam belt setting tool, using a difernent lager bore cold air pick up pipe (80mm instead of 70mm), there are changed within the exhaust system, matched by engine management mapping changes to suit.

As the induction and exhaust items are ZT specific they have no value to you other than indicatging where some specific one off changes in the ZS can be had. Seeing at the time of launch of the car the differences and the fact that the standard air filter/resonator set up on the ZS id clearly airflow compromised I designed with ITG a replacement system which was very effective, especially in the mid range. This kit impressed those at Longbridge when I let them experience my car in 2002 and subsequently the ITG kit became an XPOwer conversion. Expect 10% more in the 3000 to 4500rpm area less gain at 5000rpm and returning to 10% gain between 6000 and 6500rpm.

Since I sold my ZS developments to the exhaust have dealt with the other obviuous area where restrictions lay so with both induction and exhaust changes it is reasonable to expect a real, rather than claimed, 195ish bhp. Chip tuning is available for these engines and whilst sceptical of the claims made for the standard car, I expect one with induction and exhaust mods to actually be more realistic so it may just be possible to crack a genuine 200bhp. To see significant power needs significant changes and anyone claiming over 210 without superchraging or multiple throttle bodies etc is being pulled along by Shetland Ponies, not Shire Horses!

Roger Parker

MB - if I read your question correctly, you are after cheap horses rather an expensive reworking of the engine?

In which case, working on the inlet side of the engine can yield strong results - junking the standard filter arrangement in favour of an enclosed cone set up has worked wonders on a number of ZS180s - as shown by results at the RR. The old Rover 820 airbox with K&N cone trick appears to work exceptionally well.

Thereafter, the KV6 has an appalling exhaust manifold as standard - and I gather responds strongly to having a decent one made up to replace it. But a V6 manifold is not cheap, but I'd recommend chatting to Dave at Powerspeed (based in Kent). He'll fabricate almost anything, and knows his stuff.
Rob Bell

Would a 190ps mapped ECU of a ZT work on my ZS and are the cams the same in both engines?
I know the timing is advanced but just wondered if the cams were actually the same too

Have a read at this month's MG Enthusiast magazine, a few people with ZS 180s on the rolling road, and, as mentioned by Roger and Rob the common way and cheapest is to modify the air intake system, if you have not already done so.
Martin ZT

MB I can thoroghly recommend the ITG Maxogen air induction system, that was the first thing I did to get some more bhp. I have just fitted an Xpower back box which has realeased a few more but the main difference there is the lovely sound. I think the next thing I might consider is a sports cat. Then possibly a remap after that it will have tp be a ZT 260 :-)

Barry West

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