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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - How to beat the BMWs

Just read a road test duel between the new 165 HP Turbo version of the Laguna & the 170 HP BMW 320.
The Laguna was given victory by a short head despite costing 9,000 less than the opposition.
With their new 160HP turbo,
MGR should be able to compete in this sector like the Laguna-perhaps more so using the ZS than the ZT- which probably needs a 6 cyl power unit to match its superior refinement.

Yes, but if the road test was in a French magazine then the result doesn't really count.

I remember reading about a French magazine test which declared that the Renault Safrane (a moribund device at best) was better than Jaguar's S-Type.

Admittedly, the S-Type is not the greatest Jaguar ever to grace our roads but any objective person would surely agree that it is light years ahead of La Regie's answer to the FIAT Croma.
JH Gillson

Despite what the Red Top tabloids would have you believe about our neighbours across the channel, I admire them for the way they always "wave" their flag much more vigorously and effectively than us Brits appear to do. Even if in so doing, the employ very devious methods to achieve their patriotic results.

IMHO, B*Ws are one of the most overated cars by us brits and I wont mention the way many French cars suffer from build quality problems ..... as my nephew recently discovered shortly after taking delivery of his new Scenic ..... DOH!
John McFeely

Exactly John if our own press (probably people the same as us just trying to earn a crust of bread) supported their own workmates in the British car industry then perhaps, no certainly we would all be better off.

I do often read the French mags(or Belgian versions),
and althogh they are naturally proud to own two of the global auto manufacturers,most of their reports are now not unusually biased-and ,after all, they are producing some very innovative & good products such as the Clio,206,C3,Espace etc

I seem to remember that What Car a couple of years back
named the ZT their Executive car of the year and a BMW was runner up.
Wonder how today's ZT & ZS 180 would rate against the two continental contenders.

Humm BMW's eh? I was never a Fan of the germanic marque and driving my bosses new BMW M3 this week only served to reinforce my dislike. It rattled and knocked and the wind noise was worse than my ZR. It was quick in a straight line...but not as quick as I'd been lead to belive. I can't see why people pay so much for them. Bottom of the channel is not a bad place for the lot! ;-) The Z saloons are a hoot to drive especially for the money...
KM Flemington

I generally like the look/design of the BMWs but not the image they convey-or the majority of people who own one.However to criticize the driving characteristics of what many consider a 'dream machine',that is a new one KM !!

>>>many consider a 'dream machine',
===it probably seems like it if you have migrated from a Mondeo or a Vectra, which I suspect most have....

Colleague gave me a lift in his fairly new 3 series recently. Place your hand over that steering wheel boss and the car shouted "Ford" to me ... it really did ... nothing particularly special about it .... lots of plasticky rattles particularly over the speed humps. In recent years, BMW have built down to Ford level in the pursuit of volume with their medium sized (Repmobile?) family cars .... A successful ploy because these cars are now as common as Fords where I live .... and many other places.

Dream machine? ..... maybe but only for beemer dreamers, not realists. Still highly over-rated by the Brits who provide BMW with 30% European Profit on 10% of their production apparently.

Have you noticed how many lower spec. Mercedes are on UK roads now? Another marque successfully building down for the UK volume market .... and for the same reasons ..... higher UK margins.
John McFeely

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