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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - How to get more poke from the 1.4 k series?

Lad at the end of my road has a "Cat sick" yellow ZR 105. Would like to know what can be done to get more poke, any ideas?

Tell him to stick on a Honda badge.

That will be sure to get him some "Poke" off one of the geezers who visits your house every night to see you.
f Moss

exhausts are available - janspeed, supersprint, etc - will only give a couple of bhp at most, k+n do induction kit - another couple of bhp, parts will be listed for R25 1.4/1.6 which is same engine as zr105.

Yeah... Spend a little more brass on a 120 / 160+ and spend less time and money (which you could have used to get a better model) covering it in K&Ns, Noisy wanabee exhausts etc.. etc..

Starting to see too many lower range ZRs looking like Corsa 1.0L "Merit" GSIs!!!

Follow my meaning..

K Heaton

Ask these people, they know more about tuning the K-series than anyone:
king arthur

Mike Satur knows a thing or two about tuning K series engines.

He is already starting to look at tuning mods for Zeds.

Worth contacting (via his web site).

Whats wrong with the 105+???
I would love to be able to get the 160, but unfortunately the insurance wouldn't let me!!!
Ayway, i'm gonna have more fun modifying my baby!!

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