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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Induction

Just bought myself a baby ZR, 105.
she sounds sweet as.... whats the score regarding induction kits, are there any available? cost to fit? easy to fit? and what will it do to the already pretty impressive performance and make it sound off like its got a pair!!

also, anyone know where I get hold off a metal plate to go around the bodywork above the exhaust pipe (a la 160)??

and where is this regency run at?
david hird


I've just started looking into induction kits yesterday for my ZR+120. K&N replied saying that they don't do one for the ZR at the moment but I was under the impression otherwise. Sent email enquiring about PiperCross too. If any news will let you know.

The official exhaust trim (as in the 160) is only available via your MGR dealer priced less than a fiver. However, it doesn't come with any fixings and these need to be ordered separately. Dunno price.

Unfortunately, as you'll read elsewhere, spare parts and accessories are in utter chaos at MGR right now. If your dealer doesn't have any in stock then they'll need to order one and it could take forever. I've had one on order for nearly 2 months now! Plus someone else got their order in 2 months before me and still waiting. Depends on the luck of the draw and the dilligence of your dealer.

If you're interested in modding your ZR can I suggest a Simoni Racing (30) polished aluminium gear surround which looks wicked and matches the door handles. I have pics of mine if you're interested.

Could I also recommend you go to which is the website of Northern MG Owners. We're a group of people who have just "formed" to meet-up and drive places like the Lakes and the Yorkshire Dales. Got 3 further events planned...full details (pics from last event etc) on website. Also check out the MGs Events and Social UK thread on this BBS and check out NMGO Meet-Up #2.

Further mod idea...exhaust trim to go over the end of your ZR standard exhaust. Just looking into that myself right now (30). Again, wicked mod.


Hi Findlay, does the k+n filter for the 218vi should fit your 120?
David, i had a k+n induction kit fitted to my old r25 1.6, this will fit all 1.4+1.6 25s so will also fit the zr105s. It takes about 15 mins to fit and comes with diagrammed fitting instructions.
Sound wise - well you can hear it but its not over the top, gets louder the more you rev it, performance wise - you wont notice it on the road.
Looks nice though.


Pipercross do a full range of induction kits for the Zeds - just the ZT to go now, which should be in any day now.

We hold full stocks, we are moving approx 10 ZR kits a week

Priced at 69.99 for the ZR kit, it makes for good V-F-M

I had a kit on my '180 - what a great sound! That's what I'll miss most :-(

So Dave

Can you answer one question, this will influence whether I buy a kit. Don't want any problems - what with the oil loss problems of the KV6?

You obviously work for a "MGR Dealership," therefore who endorses the fitment of these kits - Richardsons or MGR?
Rock & A Hardplace

Can anyone else who works for MGR answer this one? I guess Dr Daves gone to monitor his blood pressure??
Rock & A Hardplace


What are the benefits of fitting the induction kit? I have a ZR 160, has anyone done any rolling road test to see if the BHP improves or checked fuel consumption?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then I'm interested in buying one. Dave, I assume that I can buy one from your on line shop?!

K Blades

Thanks guys for all your input.. my mate has an S1 Elise, he believes that the induction kit fitted to that will fit onto the ZR. What will all this tinkering do to the old warrenty... will she need to be re-tuned?

also..Findley. yeah, forward me some pictures.
also... the metal plate business... will that obviously require drilling on the bodywork.

I'll also take a look at the website and see whats going on!
david hird

Am interested to learn of the warranty issue. I have a ZR+120 (couple of months old) but would definitely fit an induction kit if it didn't affect my 3 year MG warranty.

Obviously, if fitting the kit does create a warranty issue, it won't be asking too much to remove the thing should your Zed ever need to go in for work. However, for those of us not mechanically minded, I guess this isn't an attractive option.

Also, some posts have suggested the Zed's on-board electronics maybe able to detect the presence of an induction kit. Thus, even trying to hide the fact may be fruitless.

Any comments.

i know when i had my scooby ater i fitted a full decat exhaust and k+n i was told to disconnect the battery for half an hour to clear the ecu memory, reconnect battery and go out for a drive at high revs, the ecu then detects driving habbits and adjusts fueling,etc accordingly.
A testbook would maybe note a leaning of mixture/air (doubtful) but wouldn't know an aftermarket filter was fitted as long as you replaced the origional before it went into the dealers.

Oh Findlay i meant to say the K+N made for the 218is not 218vi should fit, also i not Janspeed do a dtm exhaust for the same.

Cheers rob. As ever, you're a wealth of useful info.

You coming on 26th?

Hi Findlay, hopefully i'll be free on the 26th, wont know until the end of next week though.
i'll let you know


"who endorses the fitment of these kits - Richardsons or MGR?"

The official line is that any modification from standard spec will invalidate the warranty. I always make this very clear to customers, so they are under no illusion.

The same goes for LPG Conversions. MGR stated back along "IF the failed part could be proved to have failed due to the use of LPG, then the warranty would be invalid"

Quite how they could prove this, I don't know.

But, I heard last week from a customer (remote to me) that if the kit was specifically designed for the car in question (MG ZS180) and the instructions reflected this, then the warranty would be unaffected.

I might be able to help on this one - sold my Elise last week and my ZR goes on order tomorrow. I am a dealer for ITG, K&N, Hurricane and PiperCross at the moment. One of the reasons for ordering the ZR is to co-develop some new kit for them.

My suppliers and me have a lot of K-Series experience so it wont take too long to get something ready - just wait a few weeks until mine arrives!

I would anticipate having a K&N solution in about 5 weeks, a Hurricane solution in 2 months and ITG in about the same time. I may also do something with PiperCross.

Induction kit upgrades wont need any sort of adjustment - the ECU is adaptive. Best upgrade for the 120 is likely to be a 160 Trophy throttle body and Hurricane/ITG induction, together with a port matched VVC style inlet manifold. That will give around a 15bhp increase.

Not sure about the 105 - need to look into that further.

The 160 will respond exceptionally well to improved induction - we have seen big increases on K's on the rolling orad with fairly basic modifications.

I am also looking at a 140bhp upgrade kit which will include a new head - put that with the above and you could look at 145 bhp easily for relatively small sums, with more torque than the 160.

I havent had much time to get on here yet, as the Elise business has been booming, but I will be here a lot more once I get my new car!



Owen...I've got a ZR+120 (same as you have on order I think) and could potentially be very interested in your developments. Keep us posted.


I would also like to be kept posted about potential induction kits... mines a 105

Hurricane is pretty good, heard one on an elise and it sounded minted!
david hird


I have a 160 and also would like to be kept up to date with developments. Do you have any idea of the amount of BHP increases?

K Blades

well i fitted a pipercross induction kit today to my 160. The instructions and photos in the box claim its for a 420gsi but it fits perfectly.
To fit
1. Throw away fitting instructions
2. Throw away 1 of the supplied bolts,nylon nut, 2 washers
3. Use own innitiative with supplied brackets, hose clamp
It really is simple to fit (10 mins) but ignore instructions as the're for the 420.
On the road it seems to be very quiet :-( but throttle response seems to be slightly improved.

oh yes i also fitted an alloy filler cap, straight swap for origional :-) hmmmm nice and shiney

Back to the rolling road ladie!

rob...would love to do same to my ZR120 but fear of f*cking up big time with the DIY just turns me off. I'd choke under the pressure of knowing one fatal move and my Zed's buggered. How much did you pay for the pipercross? What have your insurance company had to say about it too? And one final comment, just to p*ss me off, how easy was it to fit?

well, 69.99 for the kit (cheers Dr Dave), it took 10-15 mins to fit when i realised the instructions didn't figure for the zr. i spent 10 mins looking for a white washer on the airbox and wondering where the other bolt/nut/2 washers went???
it really is a doddle to fit and all brackets align perfectly.
as for insurance........erm, well i er...must ring them soon....maybe.....
went out yesterday for a blast round otley,blubberhouses,etc and it does feel to pull slightly better, might be my imagination as i know its there. High up the revs (screeming its nuts off) it sounds to have a bit more of a roar which makes people look when you pass them but when you hurtle up to them on a dual c/way they still pull out in front :-((
it'll be interesting to put it on the rollers again to see if it has made any difference, i'll try late july when i have some time off.

You'll have to make NMGO Meet-Up #2 now coz I want to talk to you about it!

Yep me too

K Blades

62!!!!!!!!! flipping heck, thats how much NUDirect want to charge extra for fitting the pipercross kit.....62, what a rip off.
Hope the rolling road shows no improvement with it on so i can take it off and sell it.......62!!!

rob...did you try and haggle? When Direct Line wanted an extra 90 when I put the side skirts on I just took it on the chin and paid. But then when people on this BBS, yourself included, suggested that a bit expensive, I went back to them and told them as much. After a 5 minute wait, they came back to me with 30 off. That's just for the skirts remember. I've not looked into what they'll do with Pipercross kit. Have to get it and fit it first.

Do I assume you've now paid the 62?


cant really haggle with Norwich Union as these guys underwrite 80% of the policys so i cant really threaten to cancel and go elsewhere because if i use a brokers it'll probably end up going through them anyway :-(
Still deciding whether to keep it on and pay or take it off at the mo.

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