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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Induction Kit

I have just fitted a K&N to my 105. Came from a Lotus Elise. Fits directly on throttle body.

I have I believe 2 options to get a direct flow of cold air from the front on the engine bay (where airbox used to live). the first option would be to get some flexi pipe and direct the air upto to the kit, the second would be to get some piping to go between the kit and throttle body, turning the kit 90 degrees to point it towards the front..

Hows everybody else sorted this minor setback out?
suggestions / ideas if you please!

Davey Hird

I expect you will have lost power. Rolling road tests on another 105 show this to be the case.

Visit which is a tongue in cheek presentation, but with genuine and a serious backdrop in actual power figures as measured with numerous runs on Peter's rolling road.

This testing also raises issue that induction air temp is well controlled as standard, since with the attached pipes there is no engine heating on induction air temp, other than a small degree of heat that will be taken up through the inlet manifold.

The other thing of real note is that 16v 1.4 K series in Metro's with the earlier type of alloy inlet did actually respond positively to a simple K&N filter addition. It just proves the point that even where the same engine is used, you simply can't make any assumption that the same mods will achieve the same results.

Roger Parker

Taken induction kit off now, Insurance company (Halifx...give them some bad press) would not alloy an engine modification such as an induction kit..

so, back to standard airbox, car still looks great and drives great, just sounds normal now.
Davey Hird

This thread was discussed between 27/06/2002 and 28/06/2002

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