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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Induction Kit and Lowered Suspension vs MGR warranty

There's been quite a bit of debate about the official MGR warranty and what effect, if any, the fitting of an induction kit and/or lowered suspension kit would have on it.

Short of a cast iron watertight answer, I today fired off a letter to MGR in Longbridge asking the following:-

"If a professionally manufactured induction kit and/or lowered suspension kit (maybe even one tailor made for my ZR) was professionally fitted, what effect, if any, would this have on the official MGR warranty."

I also asked for a response as to why the distribution of parts and accessories had descended into the farce that it is following the Caterpillar deal.

I'll keep you posted of any feedback from MGR.

On a slightly different note, I also fired off a letter to Lancashire Constabulary to seek an official word on the legality of such things as blue sidelights, windscreen washer jets with forward facing blue LEDs, etc. I have a feeling these are definite no gos but again, will keep you posted.

Forward facing Blue LEDS!!!!!!!!!!???

I p!ss my sides when i see them on cars which are generaly kitted up 1 litre mods. driven by 17 year old lads with a back seat full of 15 year old girls.

I have just read your thread again, trust you are "taking the preverbiable",

K Heaton

Well spotted!

I agree... blue L.E.D.s we are straying into Nova / Corsa territory here. 15 year olds girls in the back...bit generous... 12 more like... driver sat slumped over to the left, one hand on the top of the steering wheel.... big SRi sticker on the back.
david hird

Someone obviously has too much time on their hands to be 'firing off' letters here there and everywhere

Anyone who puts stupid little LED's on any car is in need of a serious slap!! Anyone who does it to an MG shoudl have their car confiscated!

Blue LED's under a trophy blue ZS may look pretty cool on the "chelsea cruise". It would cetainly look better than a tarted up mass market boxes from Ford or Vauxhall that dominate the scene.

I don't think I'd want to admit to owning it though.

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