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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - INFO ZT190 V ZR160

Any Info greatly appreciated

I am thinking of changeing my ZR160( 15K) as it is a year old: I have been offered around the 10/11k mark for part ex against another MGZ.. Firstly is that a fair price..

Secondly , I noticed a number of 2nd hand MGZT 190,s at CD Bramells around the 15 to 16K mark.. They looked like preregistered dealer cars.They looked virtually unused What i would like to know is:
a.. Why are they so cheap as they looked fully loaded

b. Is that the bulk of any depreciation that they may suffer

c. Is there a glut of them

d. Would i die of shock with regards to running cost as against my 32 to the gallon ZR160

As usual apologise for grammer and spelling

Have you looked at the ZS in pref to the ZT?


ZS officially not as nice looking as the ZT (Girlie view)

Have got a test drive in a zs120 on friday, was woundering if i would feel too disapointed after the 160

Kelvin reads my mind.

>>>>>ZS officially not as nice looking as the ZT

Oooooh. That is *so* wrong! O.k. - so we own a ZS120, so I'm not exactly unbiased. How they made the variant based on the rather sh*te 45 look so much better than the variant based on the perfectly nice 75, I'll never understand.

The advantage of the ZT, although you'd have to check this, is that there may be a wider range of extras that you can fit to it - being a recent car 'n' all.

As for running costs, the ZS gives you a clear choice - frugal 120 or guzzler monster 180. The decision, as they say, is yours.
David Bainbridge

Just in process of buying pre-registered mgtf at present. The price is about 2k GBP cheaper than the book price. Obviously you get what is on the car in terms of extras, and if you are trading in you will find that they do not do you an exceptional deal, so if you go there, try and sell your old car first. Me, I personally couldn't be bothered to invite the tyre kicking brigade round!!


Suggest you have a test drive in a ZT. It is a big car and drives like one and is hugely different to a ZR or ZS. Stately rather than nimble.

The message from my dealer is that MGR have been disappointed with the reception given to the ZT by the buying public. It would appear that many of those blowing 20+k on a big car expect discretion, comfort and toys. The ZT was a bit short on these when first launched, hence the move to the full Rover colour scheme, Rover wood interior, Rover seats and now softer suspension. I think their are therefore a few ZTs looking for homes, hence competitive prices.

As for running costs, it is down to driving style and this is much more pronounced on a big car than a small one. Drive at 80ish down the motorway and you could be into the low 30s for mpg. Use a heavy right foot on short journeys in town and say hello to the high teens.

This is based on experience on a 2.5 75 automatic estate.


Patrick Beet

you are defying the laws of marketing,as the ZR 160 has been targetted at completely different customers from the ZT 190 in terms of drive,space,comfort,financial outlay etc (even if prices of used
ZTs will narrow the cost gap as time goes by)
andrew K

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