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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - insurance

just wondering who everyone uses for insurance, i've had quotes upto 1400+ but eventually got it down to 703 with norwich union direct - me 30, 6 years ncb, 3 points, anyone got it cheaper?

ZS180 with Lancaster Ins. 385.00
Full NCB, no points, me 40+


370 with NIG after brow beating my broker with a good quote from Tesco's.

ZS180, 38, Full protected NCB, me & 'er indoors only.
Mark Pilkington

370 from Direct Line (on-line). But that's for ZR120+, full protected NCD, policy holder female, in her mid-50s, no speeding offences, 1 claim in last 5 years plus me (aged 26, no claims and no offences) as second driver.

800.10, part of Admiral

Me 26, 8 years NCB, one TS10 for a crime I didn't conmmit, oh and thats a ZS180 Saloon

>one TS10 for a crime I didn't conmmit< LOL! Like it :-)
Dan Goodinson

what's a TS10?

seems to be pot luck with insurance these days, before the ZR160 (708) i had an impreza turbo which is a group 17 insurance and that was lower at 636.


rob - cheers for advice from other forum about mods and insurance loadings. One of these days us BBS lot should all get together on a cruise. Could buy you a drink then for all the useful advice passed on.

Anyway, my question now is this. I'm having side skirts added to my ZR120+ and hope to find a chrome gear gaiter surround. Do I need to inform my insurance company of these?

I'm also considering possibly, only possibly, putting on a performance exhaust. Consensus is that does need notifying.

Any comments?

> Anyway, my question now is this. I'm having side
> skirts added to my ZR120+ and hope to find a chrome
> gear gaiter surround. Do I need to inform my
> insurance company of these?

In my experience, insurance companies want to know about any modifications to "...the bodywork, wheels, suspension and engine". This means that, yes, the back box is notifiable, as are the side skirts but the gaiter surround is not, though I'm sure that insurance companies differ. My policy (excuse the pun) has always been to ask them whether the (e.g.) MOMO steering wheel is something that they need to know about. They said no, so I was sure that I was still fully covered. Don't wait and find out the hard way...


Steve H

Insured through sterling insurance age 32 car Zs 180 price was just over 500 but not alot. As for your other questions you'd probably be better of admitting to them the mod's your carrying out although it hurts me to say that as the already take enough money off of us motorists.

"insurance companies want to know about any modifications ..." but not about an owner request to change the engine mapping, apparently ...
Paul Hunt

> but not about an owner request to change the engine
> mapping, apparently

I didn't say that! I don't have Police Mode on my car - AFAIK - but I think that you could argue that, since it is a standard MGR mapping for the car, it is a standard car - especially since the mapping can be installed without the owner's knowledge. Also, I understand that, when notifying your insurer about engine mods, they want to know the power increase resulting from the change. Since Police Mode does not, apparently, increase the peak power, my understanding is that there would be no increase in premium anyway. Having said all that, as I indicated above, I would mention it to my insurer and see what they said. I would not anticipate any change in premium but at least I would be sure of being covered.

Steve H

I've got the standard ZR105 but Directline still charge 800 thats covers a 27 year old with full NCB and no accidents or convictions - problems having a 22 year old girlfriend to drive back from the pub and living in central London.
Think I'll try Norwich Union etc on renewal - thanks for the advice.

Steve- yes you'd better let your insurance co know about the skirts as they could argue they make the car more attractable to thieves and if the car did go walkies and you hadn't disclosed them they could void your cover - no payout :-(
Any mod to the car needs disclosing, exhaust,filter,even upgraded brakes as the insurance man thinks you race the car and so are more likely to crash, some companies class mods into groups ie-backbox + filter + lowered suspension, and put a loading on the insurance (usually 50 - 100), some dont mind these so dont charge extra.
I had a R25 last year, 1.6il + lowered suspension(40mm) + 17" alloys + supersprint backbox + k+n induction kit + side skirts + front spoiler + upper rear spoiler and all colour coded and the premium was only 400.


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