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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - irritations solved

I have just tested a zs180, it creaked and the radio sounds just like the one i personaly installed into my A reg nova when i was 17 i.e UTTER CRAP!!. Anyway to diffuse these problems i just turned the radio off and burned around for 2 days in 2nd a 3rd gear just listening to the beautiful engine noise.

It worked and 2 days later i ordered a 180 in trophy blue for my new company car

Kev, Yorkshire
K Heaton

I agree on both counts; the Kenwood Stereo is very crap and the ZS180 is awesome!
Ian Walker

Am I alone? My ZS180 got shunted rear end, it took almost 2 months to get replacement bumper unit!
Not only that it developed a nasty "tick" on the engine , sounded like tappets to me. It has taken 10 weeks so far for them to do something, eventually it went in on 2 April and I am still Zless!
I would be interested in any comments.
I miss my baby.
Stuart Forbes

I would not think it will be youre tappets(?) Stu, no matter how much you have thrashed it you should not experience tappet problems / engine tapping until say at least 60k.

ps: what coutesy car are you driving - a R214?? well never mind if you are at least it will feel great again when you get the beast back!!!!
K Heaton

I didnt think so either, but they insisted that MGR advised them so!Only 5k as well.
I had mgtf for a couple of days but now Ive got to put up with a 25.....gutless..Oh to hear the sweet song of the ZS, they better get it right this time.
Stuart Forbes

Stuart - I don't know where you are in Somerset (I'm in Wellington, near might have seen me about in my 180, too)

KV6 Hydraulic tappets should never be noisy...I have a customer with a 155K 825 and the engine is as sweet as the day it rolled off the line.

I would suggest there is an air leak on the engine oil pickup in the sump; [it is sealed by an O ring] leading to small amounts of air to be drawn in the lubrication system, the first thing to complain would be the hydraulic tappets...

Thanks Dave, I will mention that to the dealer, I have to admit I am not filled with confidence by their explanations.By the way I am in Wincanton, only seen one other ZS up this way but one or two in Yeovil, all dealer cars though! Thanks again.
Stuart Forbes

Hmmmm..there's a few Zeds in Wellington and Taunton, Stuart.

Let us know how you get on?

Oh Joy! Its back and its fixed. Had to have 5 tappets! replaced on the back row. Could'nt explain why. They did check oil seal on first visit but said that was not at fault. Still I've got her back thats all that matters. Got to get out and give it a blast now!!
Stuart Forbes

Keep your eye on oil levels. Early miles with KV6 does see heavier than average consumption on some engines. This is a new situation and doesn't apply to KV6 engined 825s, but to new cars and especially ZT 190. Low oil levels will certainly first show up with noise from hydraulic tappets as these are the first items in line to be starved of oil. (This can be demonstrated at the test track/circuit with many road cars with hydraulic tappets and correct oil levels.)

Roger Parker

Never mind your oil levels Stu, keep an eye on your rev counter. 5 new tappets after 5k, Sounds like you have been doing too much Pumping.. Keep it up!!!

(only kidding)

6 weeks until delivery of my 180 WEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!
K Heaton

It's a pig of a job to replace the rear spark plugs, let alone the tappets!

Back again! This time for an oil leak, spewing out from dipstick seal so Im told, made a right mess underneath. Should have it back today.
BTW Level about 4mm over max on stick, that cant be right!
S Forbes

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