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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Just a good car

We have been getting a little concerned about this BBs, or lack of it. We are probably as guilty as everyone else because we have only posted when we have had problems. Well we have not had a problem for ages with the ZS and it would appear that nobody else has either. This post is really just to say how good we think the ZS is proveing to be and to ask if some people might post some Z stories that we might find entertaining. Also of interest would be to here of any modifications (intentional) that anyone has made to their Zeds.
Just trying to keep the BBS alive.
Nik & Anita
Nik & Anita

I agree, had my Zed 18 mths now,apart from initial probs everything fine now.Best car I have ever owned.Only two mods on mine, induction filter and Peco back box. Both cheap but effective. :-)As for entertaining stories, just driving it is entertainment enough for me!!
S Forbes

I think that for some reason, most of the discussion of the Z's is happening 'in another place'.

However, the F/TF board on here still seems to be thriving. Don't know why the difference.
David Bainbridge

The Sad fact is while there are some good Zeds about most are total crap. The ZS has a V6 that goes bang at 13,000 miles for no good reson.

If you read the other MG BBs you will read post after post of bad cars and bad dealerships. I seen so many people work at the relationship and than see there ZEd for what it is....tired badly made OLD junk!

They than jump ship to either VAG or Jap cars and find themselves in a world of hassle free motoring!

Living with Honda........No trouble.


Oh Nick can i take Antia for a run in the CTR this weekend?

Just too busy enjoying driving it to post :)

Cleared 1st 12 months and clocked 20K with no major probs whatsoever.

I'm with Stu in the mods department, adaptation of Rob Bells famous 820 MGF airbox conversion and a stainless back box, other than that what needs changing....? I like R400 dashboards ;)

Big thumbs up from me, ZS180 best bang for the buck, especially with the old Priv disc, cheap as chips.


As an impartial observer, it has been rather curious to see this particular BB dwindle away. Even though we don't get the Zeds or any other new MGs here in the USA, I took an early interest in these models simply because I'm an MG enthusiast and wish to see the marque thrive. Perhaps now that the "new" is wearing off, interest in the "Z" BB is waning. Or perhaps as Nik and Anita suggested, MGR has worked out enough of the initial bugs that there just aren't that many problems to post about!

Anyway, back to the midget/Sprite BB!

Gryf Ketcherside

Mods so far are few (only had the car 2 months and i have a certain 'other' project on the go...) ;-)

I fitted a set of mudflaps, complete with the MG logo. These were sourced from the MGOC and i got ALL FOUR for the princely sum of £11.06. I do like a good deal. :-) They are designed for another MG (i assume MGB) and as such i had to make an extra hole in the flap as the profile doesn't follow the wheel arch. This is practically unnoticable however and they look superb.

The numberplates that came with the ZS were probably the worst i have ever seen. Both the front and rear plates started delaminating within a fortnight of collection so i visited and had some rather nice colour keyed ones sent to me.

Off to the MGCC do at Duxford in the Zed on Easter Monday - should be fun.

Scarlet Fever

I've had my ZS since October (when the F went bang) and have almost completed 20k miles without a problem.

Well, I have called the AA out twice due to starting problems. It turned out that the lead on the starter motor was loose...


to provide some balance to the scouse idiot, I've had a Honda Civic Vti for the last 3 years; it went wrong twice, a hose clip failed and it lost coolant and overheated, and a door lock failed in the open position meaning I had to tank tape the door shut and drive gingerly to the garage for a fix. While having the revvy bulletproof engine and being great fun to drive hard when in the mood, it was one of the most exhausting cars I've ever driven, only beaten by a Clio RSi. Relaxing steady progress was simply not on its' agenda, it was all or nothing. I have replaced it with a ZS180, done over 2k in 4 weeks and am a total convert. What ever the Honda did, this MG does it better, I cannot sing its praises too much. Journey times on regular routes are setting new records without attracting undue attention - and that is difficult as it's yellow :o) The steering is better, the high speed handling is better, the noise levels are lower, the headlights are better, the styling is better, etc etc. I could go on, but I've just remembered an excuse to drive somewhere.... see you all at Duxford.

I started a similar post on the MGOCs own forum, entilted the The Perfect Car,& most agree that their Z has been virtually trouble free!!

Why are other forums now getting more popular, well you have Mega to thank for that, his drivel drove others to set up forums from which he could be banned....

25,500K miles now, & my ZS180 runs as sweet as the day I collected her, how do you acount for that Mega?

There has been a gentle swing back to this BBS I have noted :-) That will continue as long as topics remain on topic. There have been some strange topics, many with squat diddly to do the Zeds!!



On the other BBs, i post on one almost each night. The other it has been said that i would be wellcome. I am now seen as something of a elder statesman.

Even the Lotus BBs love me:)

If you look at J.D.Power, it backs me up........Some WHAT!

BTW are the Lads out on strike yet?

>>>> I am now seen as something of a elder statesman.
===ROFLMAO - that's what Saddam thought too - what a jerk.


I too view the other sites where you sometimes post. I've lost count of the times you've been 'put down' far more severely than the more tolerant MG enthusiasts you find here.

You are guilty of talking excessive cobblers a lot of the time although to be fair, not ALL of the time.

You insist on spouting carp like:

>> If you look at J.D.Power, it backs me up........Some WHAT! <<

J D Power deals with cars around 3 years of age!!! Some driven by plonkers who don't know their bonnet release from their elbows. This is precisely the type of driver or owner who'll supply information which invariably creates a far from accurate picture. Don't often pay much attention to such surveys for obvious reasons and those already stated, much prefer the evidence of my own ears and eyes because it's far more reliable and trustworthy. PLUS, and it's a BIG plus, I don't trust motoring journalists in any shape or form. Experience has taught me that.

Some of the cars which have emerged with JD Power survey "flying colours" are a surprise for anyone who bothers to find out about them for themselves. Similarly, those voted "Car of the year" includes some right dodos.

A survey that I would prefer to see is one which covers those same three year old cars when they are TEN years old. With full costings, reliability and all the rest. That for me would have a far greater credibility. I shan't bother drawing diagrams for you to explain why that should be, not because of the complexity, but, because of your determined continual undermining of anything MG-R.

I've nothing against Honda's, there's one in my garage at the moment bought new in 1975. But, the CT-R is one of the most unattractive vehicles ever to carry the big H or Flying wing. Irrespective of how reliable or well it goes, I and many others feel the same way about it. If Soichiro were alive today, he'd die after a glance at that inelegent Focus Clone ..... that bears his name. Honda have lost the plot since the man himself passed away some years ago, both on the track and public roads.

David's "it was one of the most exhausting cars I've ever driven" is a point I have made many times about high-revvers in many past years. Why? like David, I speak from personal experience not quoting some words from some journalistic survey.

One day, you may just have the vision to appreciate this.

.... and you're STILL poxy anonymous.

John McFeely

>>>>>If you read the other MG BBs you will read post after post of bad cars and bad dealerships.

Not the MG BBS's I've read.

IMO, the reasons for board-dwindling are:

1. all the ZR fiends (and there are lots) post elsewhere

2. mods, as SF says, are few

3. the cars seem inherently pretty reliable - our ZS120 has been faultless

4. the looks of the cars were pretty much spot on, and do not lend themselves to much alteration

5. ??the sorts of people who buy Z's are not 'marque of friendship' sorts of people??

6. there are less Z around than F/TF, and they're younger and so have had less problems

7. design faults in the car are few - the most animated people seem to get is about mudflaps (see SF and me, ad nauseam...)
David Bainbridge

<<On the other BBs, i post on one almost each night. The other it has been said that i would be wellcome>>

......Wanna bet?
Dave H

Work force about to strike, old cars, running out of cash, TWR gone belly up with the 60 half done...........Where would you like me to stop.

Honda, outstanding design, world power in cars and bikes. In good profit, when last known they had over 22,000 people working on R+D alone.
Great Company.

Honda MAKE money on each sale!


If you would like to make this BBS intresting, then because Zeds are so superb you will need to find a little light entertainment. As I am sure like myself you have a picture in your mind of Mega the person/thing, mine is of one of those chaps that visit your home occassionally, enquiring if you would like you drive to be done in tarmac. You know the ones, generally overweight, hands in pockets, they suggest a price, you say EMMM, at which point they immediately drop it by 50%.

V6 ZS 35K miles, Mods - a couple and still reliable.

Mega, folk only talk about the bad stuff so thats all you hear, for every blown engine theres hundreds, nay thousands of good ones, take a look at other manufacturers warranty claims I think you'll find some commen ground.

In fact arn't some Type R's having gearbox problems ???? they are all the same mate it don't matter what the badge is.

Its easy to judge from the sidelines, you need to live with one before passing comment on quality, drive etc.....very underated cars.

As regards the levels of posts on this board, its just a different community and as others say its elsewhere without the Megas of this world.

<<Honda MAKE money on each sale>>

Then why, at Swindon, have they slashed Civic production, and sent the Accord back to Japan??
Dave H

Sat morning and something to read on the BBS. Great. We have never visited other BBS's. Guess it's like the loyalty that keeps us driving two MG's.
I (Nik), quite like your controversial attitude and bad spelling. I also know that if possible you would go out of your way to help with problems. I also think that you would not buy a car without first seeing it!!! For that mistake, yes, Anita is yours for the weekend. I bet you send her back when you run out of Neurofen.
anita roberts

Could I try Anita for the weekend too?

New to this stuff. Just purchased a ZR160, only had it a week or so but no probs except a bloody annoying sqweek at the rear end and the spoiler needs re-aligning!!! Question. Is it safe to put through a car wash?

Wash it by hand!! better safe than sorry


>> Honda, outstanding design, world power in cars and bikes. In good profit, when last known they had over 22,000 people working on R+D alone. <<

Is that a fact! Then if true that's a horrendous waste built into the cost of every one of their products simply because despite all those thousands of R and D staff and huge related costs, they've NEVER come up with something NEW! Merely copied and/or refined existing ideas and designs. Not forgetting much government help to do so.

You may consider the CT-R something special ..... to me it's just another means of transport like the rest ..... and in my opinion as a life-long Honda buyer and enthusiast, BORING.

It may rise a few hours there before it does over here, but, this beautiful morning in beautiful UK, the rising sun rose in this land too ..... superbly .... :o)
John McFeely

Your ZR tailgate spoiler WILL become detatched if you use a car wash, believe me!

Is the body shell on the ZR ZS ZT laser weilded?
Is the Body on the CTR .......Yes.

Fact is MGR is TWO generations behind and NO sign of fresh metal. The average buyer is going to say"Do i want a dogs dinner/old Honda Civic or a new Honda or Mazda 6.

He may go Ford or GM or French......he is not going MGR!

As new hardware arrives and MGR look older and crapper that before i expect a "tipping point" will come when sales collaspe.

As for Longbridge.......You can do it if you B&Q it!

Are people going to buy a new 25 when it looks so very similar to the MK3 200 introduced in late '95??

The same goes for the 45!

Well, there you go!

.....B&Q here we come!

MEGA and all those other anti-British people - just f*ck off and die. The reason why this country is flat on its ar*e is because of tw*ts like you. Self opinionated w*nkers

Forgot to say that Honda are going on short time due to flagging sales. UNLUCKY

Everyone knows MG Rover have a huge task to keep the business going, let alone reach a point where it is prospering. The difference between REAL Englishmen and the likes of Mega is that we want them to succeed and hope the underdog wins.

All Mega and his bastard son Lurker can do is sit and glot about every problem and eagerly predict failure.

When I was in the Navy the outpourings of these little failures was referred to as "the drip, drip, drip of the syphilitic pricks".

Good night


PS Glad he has spotted that a Civic is a dog's dinner - but I thought he drove one.

Patrick Beet

Good Morning, B&Q Longbridge, How can I help you?
B&Q Worker

I would like to say I agree with everyone to a point, firstly buy british where it is the best product for the job you have in mind but only when its at the best price.

Secondly, I will contradict my first point but I purchased a Honda Civic over a Rover 25 because of the engine that it is fitted with, in my opinion is a much more advanced motor than the old K Series, however the MG ZR is an excellent car and having test driven one it is high on my list of next cars to buy.

But I don't have a bad word to say against Rover, MG or Honda, myself and members of my family have owned various models from these marques over the years and have had no trouble from any of them.
MG Midget/ Part Time Honda Civic Driver

I wonder how many pistons and liners have been fitted to 1.4K series engines under warranty lately? The new ones are molybedenum (or summat) coated to stop piston scuffing..

Honda 1 MGR 0
K Series

<<Good Morning, B&Q Longbridge, How can I help you?>>

Birmingham City Council announced during the Alchemy fiasco they would not let any land there go for retail development unless "Substantial manufacturing presence" was retained, scuppering a sub-plot of Moulton's.


<<<<The other it has been said that i would be wellcome. I am now seen as something of a elder statesman.>>>>

Mega, You must be on the weed. I would say this opinion is 180 degrees out!


I used to work full time for a large organisation until last year. I put a wanted sign on the internal notice board that I seek a nice condition Rover 600ti - you know, the one with the ROVER T16 turbo engine. There were three nice 600 tis in the car park at the time all owned by colleagues. I placed an "if ever you want to sell" note on each one. All three contacted me saying not for sale unless I was prepared to pay TIP TOP silly money as they were more than happy to keep their Rover T16 engined 600 turbo tis.

Conversely, and this is I find very amusing, several colleagues responded to my notice board request for a Rover 600 advising me to select a Honda engined 600, not the Rover version and gave their reasons why. In each case, with one exception, none of these would be advisers had owned or driven a R 600, just repeating what they'd heard or read somewhere. The colleague who DID have a Honda engined R 600 was invited to try the Rover Turbo engined one. Result, a wiser Rover 6OO owner.

Sadly, I have to report there are many people suffering from severe MMD (MEGA mentality disorder). Fortunately, the disease IS curable as in the isolated case above although I suspect that some cases are mega-terminal ...... LOL

Despite what some say is an aged design, I like the lines of the MGZS and eagerly await delivery of my new one next month even though according to MEGA and other malcontents, the head gasket will probably blow before I drive it off the dealership. But Hey, that's all part of the fun .... LOL

BTW, another colleague who chose an Accord in preference to a R600,(he was one of those who initially advised against the Rover engined 600) had a gearbox seal fail on his Honda and was losing lubricant. Very expensive to rectify but fortunately for him, still under warranty.

John "True Brit" McFeely.
John McFeely

Oh yes, and my son's little 1.1 K series Rover Metro's engine runs like a little turbine ... superbly despite the car being 10 years old now. He's a big lad and took three big adults up to London in it a few weeks ago and his time was only marginally longer than someone using a much more powerful car ...... and he got 40 mpg ..... DOH!

Finally, results of my recent blood test just in, no sign of MMD (Mega mentality disorder) ... praise be ...LOL.
John McFeely

Since Mega still has his Civic with all four wheels, it just goes to prove what a rubbish car it is since historically, where he claims to live, they would have nicked it by now and gone joyriding! Apparently a problem with MG's!
MGR 1 - Honda 0

Apologies to all the good folk in Liverpool!

Honda Accord Gearbox failure?? Same gearbox as used on the Honda engined 600's - so it "could" have happened to the 600....just to keep up with tradition!

I've not looked in here for a while but little seems to have changed.
My Zed remains as reliable as ever, and that Scouse Git is still spouting the same old crap. Still going on about JD Power (only deals with 3 year old cars so doesn't include Zeds or any post BMW MGR car). Does he still go on about the seats? Someone on the Honda board was - apparently some find the seats in the Honda Civic very poorly positioned. Perhaps he's just oddly shaped.
I notice that he's now going on about being an engineer. Just seen a couple of engineers in our street. Refuse disposal engineer and the transparent wall maintainance engineer. (thats dustman and windowcleaner to you).
Been trying to find these other forums where he says he posts. Seems to me that they all want rid of him and think he's a joke.

Fact is Mega is talking complete codswallop.

My MG Maestro turbo never let me down in 3 years, my MG ZR was ever reliable and I have done over 21,000 miles in my ZS180 having done 5,000 miles in just over 3 months in which time the car has been perfect and brilliant fun. Handling, ride, comfort, features, road presence are all superb and I managed 37mpg this weekend. I'm happy and have been with all my MG's.

If people were not badge snobs they could get great deals with these MG's!
Ian R

I mentioned above (a long way above) that my F went bang. I omitted to mention that it was after having completed over 159,000 miles in 4 years (almost to the day).


My wife and I own 3 MGs - F VVC, ZR 160 and Metro. They are driver's cars and have no problems apart from some TLC with the Metro due to it's age.

My message to Mega is the same as on my the licence plate of my ZR 160 - KISS MY ZRSE.

I have the good manners to to get personal with other folk on the BB. Expect Dieter who is German and thus fair game.

As for your VERY old tarted, turd polished Rover 200 with a badly tuned VVC engine, i would have a read on on the group test Autocar did with both an Alfa and a HONDA CTR!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh but you DO get personal when you criticise their choice of cars ...... don't you?

What's so special about your choice anyway? ... it may not be a polished wossname but to me, it's a dull as ditchwater Focus Clone with lots of Revs ... that's all ...... Oh yeah, it's the latest 'must have' thing apparently according to all the Motoring hacks - none of which ever actually BUY a poxy car!

Clueless ....

John McFeely

Mike - Why is Dieter "Fair Game"?

It's probably his standard way of dealing with anyone who knows what they are talking about.

Why is everyone getting so bitchy about this topic? We all know that Mega talks a load of cack and that MGR cars are far more reliable than Frods and Vauxhills etc. Yes we all know that the poor ol' K series has a tendency to lose a Head gasket at some point but that seems to have been resolved by a better Gasket material. As a MGR mechanic i've seen alot of various engines and the old Honda Unit used in the 200/400s were ok until they got to about 70k miles when they just wore out and started smoking. The 2 litre Honda in the 600s were underpowered and unrefined. The K series will easily do 200k if serviced properly and i have a 250k T'series Turbo 600 that does'nt smoke or rattle and is still as strong as a lower mileage unit. My ZT drives much better than a new Mondeo or B*W and has'nt been back to the dealer except for scheduled servicing.
BTW What the hell sort of name is Mega anyway??!! Don't want anyone to know your real name I guess, I dont blame you!

Having read this thread I have to wonder why is Mega bothering to post - why dosent he go and join the Honda forum with the rest of the old folks.

>>Having read this thread I have to wonder why is Mega bothering to post - why dosent he go and join the Honda forum with the rest of the old folks.<<

think he's been banned from there as well.

Can't think why! lol

HI agree with you all. It's idots like MEGA supporting the EVIL Japanese with their rusty cr*p cars, coming out with even more BULL that try to ruin it for everyone!

The Jap's have always been evil - look at what they did to our boys / the Americans when they were taken prisoners of war. Geni***s removed etc whilst they were still alive.

The Jap cars are complete, boring characterless crap too, tinny metal ALL of which rust. I've seen so many 200sx's which have failed MOT on RUST :-) HA ha.

And lastly, it's HONDA's fault if the ZS has chassis problems, as it is the EXACT shell as the >1998 Civic 4 Door VTi! = Cr*p.

Luckily, MG have taken a cr*p car and made it into an AMAZING machine. Hmm now what did Honda do with the Type-R? Took a cr*p car and.. well!! ;-)

Nice to meet you all here guys, I'm 21 with an MG ZS and used to have an MG ZR 160 which I traded in. I@m sorry if I have used any profund language or been too strong in here but you guys all seem to be much more friendly people here than that HORRIBLE MG X-Power forum! There's soo many stuck up people there! Hey MEGA, go there man and talk to them!! You'll get much more of a reaction though and best yet, they'll put you straight in what's right!

Anyway nice to meet you guys, email me at: if there's any problems etc hope I'm making a good 1st impression.


BS Simpson

>> hope I'm making a good 1st impression <<

I think we have witnessed better first impessions, although you do seem to be somewhat of an 'MG NUT', much like the rest of us.

MG is the marque of friendship, something which you will hopefully start to appreciate. Whilst we may not all agree with what is said on other forums, I am quite sure that they are as enthusiastic about their cars as we are, certainly the newer cars. Some of us prefer the older models, but that is personal choice.

I wish you luck and enjoyment with your car, but remember that you have an MG and should acknowledge others with the same.


Slagging off other forums not a good start,
cross reference some of the names and you will find many of use use both (or more)forums!

Whichever forum you choose to adopt, welcome to MG ownership

Kelvin,(on all forums)

For a 21 year old, Brad sounds like my late uncle who used to quote the Second World War has his reasoning for the Japanese making rubbish cars. Come on, over 50 years since and that is still being trotted out. what about the German cars or are you not Jewish?

Japanese cars have succeeded where British cars failed, look at the markets in America, Australia, Asia, Africa.....I am not defending Mega and his breadbin, just pointing out that whilst the cars may not be as full of character, I have experienced first hand the reliability of the Japanese machinery in long term use. And, yes, I have subsequently owned Rovers and MGs since coming to the UK, and I am one of the stuck up members of the Xpower forum ;-) but I straddle both camps with a ZT and a GT.


Have to agree with Brad, MG take the old Civic shell and make an amazing driving machine, Honda take it, ditch it, make that bug-eyed creature they have now and stick MGR with a large bill for using the old Civic shell (although this might have been now reduced / removed?)

I think the Honda royalties have ceased?

<<you guys all seem to be much more friendly people here than that HORRIBLE MG X-Power forum! There's soo many stuck up people there!>>

Stuck up or not is entirely down to your perception, Brad. At least they seem to have a MEGA-free policy and it is refreshing to peacefully read threads without his witless originations and/or contributions. Good luck to them. And indeed all MGR sites.

Whats this chassis problem Brad was talking about I thought the ZS was sorted ?

P.S. I like my polished turd :-) it goes like Sh1t off a shovel:D

.....It creaks!

BS Simpson, the many feet of the Honda and Mitsubishi walking in the price shadow of the Rover company which is selling. In Hiroshima this day where the dread weapon is selling to the many. In the Japanese taking the marketplace is where the man will sell the carrot and wine to the drunk fellow.
Kazu Sakata

Yoram, yer long-lost cousin's turned up!

Can you find a Honda site to play with and leave the MG's to those of us who enjoy them.
My Honda was a crock of s--t and my MG is great and has proved totally reliable.

A D Harrison

It is not fair to refer to the people on the X-Power forum as stuck up. They are shy, retiring and sensitive folk who cannot be exposed to the likes of Mega's posts for fear of an attack of the vapours and perhaps even fainting. We in this forum are however much more robust and suspect many (me included) actually enjoy the sport of responding to the old folk with their baby people carriers.

If you want to be part of a world of forthright free speech then post here, it you would rather live in a gentle and controlled sanatorium then off you go the X-Power. Choice is a wonderful thing!


Patrick Beet

... or try a USA run BBS - they just 'moderste' everything!

Ted - BTW now officially an OAP but still not buying a MPV.

Wouldn't mind the MGZT-T mpv though.

Ted Newman

Patrick, Bollox :D

hows that for shy and retiring L.O.L.


LOL- Patrick is such a rascal.
From what i have heard he is one of the leading lights on the 75/ZT forum and His tag can often be seen at the bottom of the X power front page.
Maybe he goes there to recharge his batteries before re-entering the fray on this BBS.Is old age creeping up on Patrick?
Keep up the good work Paddy! :D

Shy ZT owner

Different Patrick I'm afraid!

Funny thing is, the Patrick we know has a Rover 75 and an MGF, and his input has been most welcome over there. What a knowledgeable chap he is on most matters relating to our favourite cars.

You're right, can't be the same Patrick.

Must away and back to my forum, I haven't been out in public like this for weeks!
Another shybie

Oh No! The wa*kels have escaped from their protective cages.......we must round them up and send them back in before they get damaged..

catch me if you can, gimp boy :D

Don't tempt me ;-)

your such a sweetie I might just let you L.O.L.

I am afraid it is guilty as charged - I am the same Patrick that posts to Jerry's board. Jerry does however also know that I have some pretty strong feelings about Moderated (euphemism for Censored) boards.

Free speech is a critically important freedom and the internet seems to be one of the finest expressions of this right. This freedom does mean you are exposed to views you may not like or might even seem stupid, but this is surely a very small price and perhaps even a benefit! Denying this freedom on something as monumentally trivial as a discussion on your favourite flavour of car is terrible.

Free speech good, censorship bad - it is that simple.

Here endith the sermon!

Patrick Beet

In fairness, some moderators do have stronger opinions than others ;-) but a post has never been editted!
We (the moderator team) had a discussion recently about moderation and at the end of the day, freedom of speech is that ability to think/speak freely and have one's own views on an issue. BUT it is surely not the freedom to use insulting terms towards another or profane and abusive language in one's post. In a fast deteriorating society, all it does is indicate a lack of manners and decorum. In terms of these flame posts here, I wonder how brave some of us would feel if we were to speak the same words to the other person stood in front of us, especially if they were six foot six across the shoulders!

That site is dedicated to the new breed of MG, (and occasionally Rover, LOL) and therefore, as an enthusiasts' forum, I, and others, believe we should portray the right image of the type of people we are. Afterall, would you want to be viewed in the same light as the Saxo/Nova brigade? Limited vocabularly, lack of diction etc etc. Oops, that's Honda territory isn't it?

MG the Erudite Driver's car - I wish!

I do enjoy your posts, though, Patrick, like using the wife's toothbrush to clean the alloys, IIRC!

Just clocked up 5000 miles in 9 weeks on the ZS180. Totally fault-free, doesn't use any oil, just a problem with the grin getting bigger....


>>Afterall, would you want to be viewed in the same light as the Saxo/Nova brigade? Limited vocabularly, lack of diction etc etc. Oops, that's Honda territory isn't it?<<

Have you actually read the posts that you claim belong to "the new breed of MG (owner)"? With the incompetent use of the vocabulary of a five year old, they break almost every rule of English Grammar in the book. As for their spelling and yours - you manage two spelling errors in the above sentence.

>>I, and others, believe we should portray the right image of the type of people we are.<<

In this you are surely succeeding. Arrogant, illiterate, immature, uneducated, self-opinionated keepers of MG Owners morals may be a description that is a tad unfair, but your self-righteous comments do nudge in that direction.

Many of us prefer this Board because most contributors feel free to express robust opinions that energise the debate but that you would term “insulting”. Even the odd profanity is used, suitably disguised to get past the automatic censor. It is so refreshing to participate on a Board where freedom of speech is king and no army of moderators exist to mould us into “the right image”, whatever that may be.



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