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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - kenwood audio

I am thinking of fitting a 6 cd changer unit in my ZS180, dealer price way too high! So I sourced on online for 99 squid! Anyone got any tips, Kenwood dont seem to be spoken of too highly although I am quite happy with the head unit so far.tnx.
Stuart Forbes

Where did you find it at 99 ???

Try they are pretty good, that price was ex P&P (10).Unit is KDC-C467.
Stuart Forbes


I recently fitted a six disk CD changer to my ZR. I'm not sure if the ZS is the same, but hiding the wiring was dead simple. I threaded it under the carpet, along the side of the handbrake, emerging at the front of the rear seat, Then simply tucked it in under the seat and fed it round the side to the changer on the back of the seat backrest. Totally invisible.

The only other slight problem was the lack of room for the wiring behind the dash - squash it in and hope it works!

Hope this helps.

>Unit is KDC-C467

Anyone else fitted one of these in ZS180?
Glove box and side pockets littered with CDs multi changer has to be a good idea!!


I've got a Kenwood 6 disc in the rear of my ZS180 5dr. Fitted it tight on the LH (near) side so the loadliner still protects the boot and can be easily removed.

Mark Pilkington

I would recommend if you have the upgraded Kenwood gear i.e 5090 and the 6090 that you checkout the steering wheel remote control. I got one at Christmas and is sticks perfectly behind the right hand side steering wheel. I got mine from

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