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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - K&N

hey guys,
Has anyone fitted a K&N air filter to there ZR. There seems to be alot of talk about it decreasing BHP is this right??

Yes Greg
I think i am right to say that you can do more harm than good. The chap you need to speak to is Roger Paker.

No one knows more on this subject, and Roger is would i am sure be happy to advise you.

I don't have his e-mail address about but if you look around this site (Try silly question) you will come across it

Like this?
Gary Boxall

Greg...Why dont you just leave your ZR alone?. These cars are somewhat sensetive enough and like to be left as they are built. Surely an an extra 2BHP!!!! is not worth messing it all up.

Leave the K&Ns to the 17 year old 1.2L corsa drivers!!!.

K Heaton

Fitted a Pipercross induction kit to my ZR+120. 10-20 mins max for full install. Simple.

During summer I intend doing a rolling road test but seems to pull better from still though appreciate this maybe psychological.

In meantime wanted more of a roar and certainly got it with the Pipercross kit.

K...what's wrong with mod'ing your car then? Adds that touch of personalisation.



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