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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - K&N panel filter for ZR120 - is there one?

K&N panel filter for ZR120 - is there one?

I have conflicting feedback from K&N on if they do a panel filter for the ZR120 (2003). One phonecall gave a response that the 33-2761 would fit the car and a separate email came back saying they don't do one for this model.

Can anyone confirm if the 33-2761 does fit or not?

It is supposed to fit the 160ZR but I can believe the airbox would be different on the 120? Or is it?

I don't believe in spending hundreds of pounds on a new cold air induction box and pipe-work when the factory box and plumbing should do the job just as well. I also can't believe that a K&N panel filter will perform much worse than a cone version - unless you have stats to prove otherwise?

The most important thing is to suck in cold air - so the standard airbox with a K&N panel filter should make a decent performance improvement for minimal outlay.


M Woods

Hi Martin,

The cold air box type induction is intended to straighten the air path as much as possible, as each twist and turn in the OE induction intruduces more 'swirl', reducing the density of the air reaching the cylinders. Hence why the claimed performance increase for a panel filter upgrade isn't as great as for a full induction kit. Still worth a few extra bhp though, and you'll notice the engine more willing to nudge the red line ;o)
Mike Hankin

Martin, 33-2467 is the filter for pre-2001 cars. I am not sure what the dimensions of the 33-2761 are?

Until this point, as far as I know, there are no K&N panel filters available for post-2001 K-series. If this is true, then it is a bit of an over sight in my opinion.

A quick Google search reveals that 33-2761 is for T16-engined 2.0litre Rover 200, 400, 600 and 800.

However, the website does indicate that ZR 120 and 160 use this exact same panel filter.

Worth a punt Martin? I am sure you'll get your money back if this information is incorrect!

An alternative filter solution is Green (the same construction as the K&N, just a different (green!) colour oil) - for this application you need part number P484394.

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

Ordered a 33-2761 K&N from YB Filters who claim this will fit the ZR120. I've noticed other websites are also claiming this too. The reality is it won't! It's about 10mm too wide. K&N don't list the MG ZR120 on their website - which doesn't help......but after doing a search on the Rover 25 they do list a filter for a Rover 25 (33-2762) with the 1.8 k series engine which just happens to be 107mm wide (versus 116mm wide for the 33-2761 model).

I'm now sure that the 33-2762 will fit the ZR 120 and will be seeking a replacement from YB Filters.

Hopefully this will help others avoid the pain I've just gone through, and I'll be informing K&N to update their website once I've confirmed that the 33-2762 does fit the ZR120.

M Woods

Thanks Martin - that'd be very useful to the whole MG K-series-powered community :o)
Rob Bell

I can now confirm that the 33-2762 K&N panel filter is the correct fit for the ZR120 2003 model car. This is probably also correct for the ZR160 too.

M Woods

Thanks Martin - great work :o)
Rob Bell

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