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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Last days for those wanting a bargain

As most of you are aware the Administrators have kept open a number of the Phoenix car dealerships to be used as one avenue to dispose of former MG Rover cars and those returned lease cars. After hundreds have passed through the Coventry outlet of Phoenix it is to shut on 23rd July. I believe it is the last one of the chain to be open.

I have visited there on a number of occasions and have bought several MGs for others at seriously attractive prices. There remain a few reasonable cars there, but specifically I have not seen such a collection of ZT 260's and Rover V8's outside Longbridge. I think there were 9 260s and 3 Rover V8s earlier this week. These cars have not moved at all in recent weeks even though prices have dropped to under 19k for the newest ZT-T SE, and there are higher mileage older cars to look at which were a few grand cheaper. It seems with the impending closure now may be the time to strike a classic bargain if you are inclined towards the 260.

Roger Parker

I have to say that these Mustang engined cars are real bargains !

rarer than a DB9, an instant classic.
the Rover versions are rarer still at only 50 being made EVER!


I wish I could buy one Rog - a ZTT260SE at 19k is a true bargain!!! :o/
Rob Bell


if you dont do it now you never will!!!


Rob my son, we've been here before. Stop wishing, do it! I hope people can see that there is only a finite time to get one. North London is far enough away to not cause us west Surrey V8's a problem with being too common.

Tim Hayton

Rob Bell

Rob! Tim is of course right, there at least 3 of us down here! rather more DB9s!!!

There is a V8 MG ZT. In black not yet on the road that was offered to me for 15,000 in Lincoln
Jeff Patterson



I went on Sunday to view these cars on Rodger's advice. There are real bargins to be had there. I'm re-mortgaging the house to buy a TF.

I've got a great F that I've sent thousands on and suits me fie, but I feel lie I should buy one of the last british built and designed MGs

Bottom line for me is timing.

The ZTT CDTi is the perfect car for us at the moment. Reasonably economical, cheaper car tax, cheaper insurance than even the 2.0 petrol KV6 we had before.

The ZTT 260 is the car my heart wants, but my head can't make a case for: the car is the same size, but will guzzle fuel in town, cost three times as much to insure and is notably more expensive to tax.

At least at 19k depreciation is not quite as scarey as it would have been if purchased at full list price, but I bet my diesel will be worth more in a couple of years time :o(

And yes, I need to think this way, because it is the family hack, not my own personal pride and joy (the F serves that purpose).

Of course, had this opportunity arisen before I purchased the CDTi, the heart's choice may have stood a better chance!

I guess a young family = some sacrifices... :o/
Rob Bell

Yeah yeah yeah

chugity chugity chugity ...where to guvnor? (diesel)

life is just too short Rob

The other place that has quite a few V8s is SMC at Slough.

Phoenix Coventy are down to their last ZT-T 260
David Witham

money is too short Neil :o(
Rob Bell

Never mind Rob, you sound like a responsible bloke. Anytime you feel the pangs in a few years time drop a post, I'm sure Neil, Guy or I will let you touch our cars, (in a nice manly way).

I had a CDT for a short time and I found it to be a good pull, top end was poo though but I would guess it is a very good family hack. Problem I had was using the computer to get the mpg up, coasting down hills in neutral and all that.

Off to give my four pipes and good polish now.
Tim Hayton

TF bought, I'm now skint but excited while I wait to pick it up.

Rob, they'll take any sensible (or even daft) offers on 260s and V8s.

I've a thread about it on X-Power Forums.

Would love to buy it, and can afford it, but have my court case coming up in August and will probably be banned. The insurance will go sky high then.
Jeff Patterson

Bad luck Jeff

just about to get into the bus for a blast to the west country


with only about 18-20 ZT260s Down Under I managed to buy last one, what a great car, still getting use to all extras that are standard on this model, been use to Bs,Cs &V8s all these years , do yourself a favour & buy one before its too late. As for BMW = British Motorindustry Wrecker.
Steve Foldhazy

Well done Steve

Nice one

look after it

email if you need advice etc


You should form a consortium to buy one or two of these cars and rent them out when not being used to help offset the cost!

and how long exactly will the car last?

1st time out somebody will throw it into a ditch or a tree!


You are really a pessimist Neil. Of course there is always this risk,but there ARE already firms renting out Alfas,Porsches etc to vetted drivers and I would think people driving such cars would take GREATER care than when renting a conventional vehicle.

Yeah cant help it, I am used to the way the wife treated her car.
A nearly new 1998 Fiat Estate bought in early 1999
just sold last week after SIX crashes! ok the thing was tough and never got written off, but I think that's just due to the cheapness of the parts and the wilingness of the body shop to do ALL the work!

she now has a 1988 Merc! not worth getting anything new as she'll only mash it and lose me a bunch of cash in let's call it "extra" depreciation!


ZT V8 will be considerably cheaper now as my local MG Rover dealership is closing at the end of August. Its still there, but its got to go and I offered 5,000 cash. I was told I am the highest bidder so far. Bet they won't let me have it though for that price.
Jeff Patterson

I'll Offer 6000


Will wait until day before closing and see if its still there.
Jeff Patterson

Go for it!

You will NEVER regret it!

just about the best car ever made by the BL empire!

Would be nice, but 5,000? Will never sell it to me for that, still no harm in looking and bidding. Take it you have one then, if not are you a salesman? Ha Ha
Jeff Patterson

I have a real corker of one in Solar red with early loud X power pipes!


go on you never what might happen late in the day
go along make a nuisance of yourself
and keep saying silly numbers to them.
as time progresses they will start listening. t might be the cheapest V8 EVER!

Have already decided to go late in the day, ask how much, if its still there, and go from there. It probably won't be there but you never know.
Jeff Patterson

Go now!

Yes you never know

best of luck!


Havn't sold it and wouldn't take 7,000.
O dear never mind. Bought another Monty Turbo instead, at a somewot cheaper price
Jeff Patterson

4 hours and 45 minutes till I pick up my new X-Power grey ZT 260. Why does every minute seem like a week???

Ozzie Steve said
As for BMW = British Motorindustry Wrecker.

Hmm, I 'was' no fan of Beemer. Changed my mind now - my son was lined up to go to Uni Coventry - car design mad. Earlier this year I told him there were apprenticeships going at BMW, why didn't he go along to see what the set up was. 'No way!' Cut a long story short he did go and was fascinated at the Cowley Op. Over 1,000 applicants and he get's offered apprenticeship - one of just 25!!!! Started last week. Career move or what. Boy do they know how to run a company and look after people. Unbelieveable. In four years he'll prob be better off than me and won't be saddled with a burden of Uni debt. I have been astonished - I still wouldn't buy one as I'm true Brit. But chrise no wonder we and this country go (have gone) down the pan.

How much Phil?

More like "How long until it breaks down?"

16K. It has an electric sunroof etc, but is not an SE. I am thrilled to bits with it, and obviously I hope I don't have any problems with it. The dealership is close by though and seem OK. They have given me a 12 month warranty.

I just got a silver 55 plate zt 260 SE on last thur from motor point derby, I have never had a rear drive V8 before can you guys who have had them before confirm that the
occasional clunk from the rear dif ey sort of direction when changing gear is ok? also now i have started to use a few more revs ( 600miles now done) the engine has a sort of mis fire sound, it is not misfireing at tick over or in the low rev/slow acc. range just if you get above 3k rpm and acc fast. one last question the hi line sat nav has never been used as all the CD's were missing do i need both a system software cd and a naveq map cd?

any help would be great


Hello David

You need the master CD which is the software and maps. One CD in the SATNAV in the boot. Should have come with your pack in a CD box (size od a DVD movie box)The dealer should supply the CD. Mind took three weeks to come, they did however lend me one while I was waiting.

Yep the shaft does clunk a little bit, once the box looses up a bit and your gear change gets use to the car it should get a bit better, but always in the back ground.

You sure its a miss fire? Not the roar of the V8 kicking in, or you get a slight back burble when letting off on the accelerator. Are you loosing power, if so it maybe the fuel pump but I would find that difficult to believe with the car being so new.

Tim Hayton

My dealer tells me that they cured a fuel pump failure by unscrewing and removing the top of the pump and then replacing it. He says the car was fine after that, perhaps suggesting some sort of vacuum in the line or collapsed filter.
Can anyone confirm or deny this?
Also, he said it has happened on a V6.


Hi all

tim - thanks for that, as the car was delivered only last thur it is from stock that is administration so the dealer cannot supply the sat nav cd...... ( bet its gone on e bay!!!) So i am stuck, i have a freind who works at a BMW dealer he has looked at the sat nav computer in the boot and says it looks the same as the BM one so he is going to swipe a 2005 cd and we can see if it works.

It could be me getting use to the V8 roar :-) but it does sound a bit rough - more than the first 600 miles or so, I have at tick over unplugged the spark plug LV connector to effectivly cause a mis fire and for each of the 8 plugs when i unplug the lead the engine mis fires, ( i guessed that if one was misfireing anyway no change would be detected when that one was unplugged)

Where is the fuel pump?? in the old ZS and ZTT when you turn on the ing. you can hear it pumping away in the back, not happening with the ZT 260?


Its under the rear seats David, and you lucky begger you have two.

There is a superb article in the last but one MGOC mag by Roger Parker. Also on the XP forum there was another by ZTTMAN, all good stuff.

If you don't belong to MGOC yet, join; it will help you feel part of a club who know some serious stuff on MG's, also joint the Xpower forum., some serious knowledge there too.

If you are unhappy about the car take it back for the dealer to look at, don't worry about no warranty if that is the case. You can use the "Sales of Goods Act"

Best of luck, hope the possible missfire is resolved

Tim Hayton

ZT260's are now 15k! How low will these cars go?
Bargain Hunter

Much lower yet!
North by North West

Yeah Yeah YEah !
show me the 15 grand ZT260 then!

phantom car I bet!

PWC just announced that there are still 2000 MGR cars to be sold,so hopefully something for everyone?

I say again

Yeah Yeah YEah !
show me the 15 grand ZT260 then!


Neil. The one in Lincoln was 15,000 but it and the dealer have gone now.
Jeff Patterson

Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Cirencester
Posts: 15

I know it's not new but I've just bought/picked up a ZT260SE this weekend for 10,895, spec as follows;

ZT 260SE in anthracite
Registered 1st Jan 04
8700 miles, MG serviced at Longbridge - management car?
Karmon Hardon
Folding mirrors
Electric rear blind
Sat Nav
18" Apex alloys, Continental tyres
Aux power pack
DVD player and two rear screens in head rests
Bluetooth integrated phone setup
HPI clear
Looks like new inside and out
2 years 'insurance' type waranty

I picked it up on Saturday and 'wow' .


karmon Hardon!!!!!! speakers :-x

>I know it's not new but I've just bought/picked up a ZT260SE this weekend for 10,895, spec as follows;

total bargain Marc
so that makes mine worth about ...what?

watch this one then!!!


Marc, you lucky, lucky, lucky individual you! 8-O

Wow, what a deal. Enjoy!
Rob Bell

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