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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Looking to buy a ZS180 is the clutch a major issue

As the title really..........
Looking to buy a used mk1 zs 180

have heard that clutch cylinders break frequently and unexpectedly is this true? is it expensive to fix?

any other problems with these cars?

how much and when do they need a cambelt change as i suppose being a v6 its quite tricky!


Cambelt change is at 90,000 miles. 3 belts on it, major expence on mine. Mine has done 110,000 miles without any clutch problems at all.
The only problem I had/have is a whiney gearbox. It got changed at 45,000 miles but now whines again.
Other than that, I would recommend a ZS180 to anyone, great car.
Jeff Patterson

My ZS180 has now done over 143,00 miles. The clutch was changed at the 90k service. The clutch slave cylinder failed at around 59k, but was replaced under warranty. Other than that I've had no major problems.



Clutch master cylinder went at 15,000 and bent the plate. Cost me 500 for repairs but dont let it put you off. These cars are serious fun to drive..Now on 34,000 and still enjoying it.

How much are Mk1 ZS180s going for these days? I'd still love to lay my hands on a four door...
Rob Bell

My slave cylinder fractured at around 52k, unexpectedly. Check the condition of the slave braket there is some flex and some corrode. Replacement at an independant garage will keep the cost down but the part isn't that cheap. Elsewhere I understand someone has utilised Honda clutch parts as a replacement (MGR cylinder is a nylon-plasic type). Other than that these cars are performance bargins, although some may be down on power owing to a failed VIS valve, a relatively cheap part or DIY repair.

I have a 4dr 180 and it has never let me down at all I work at a dealership and I can say hand on heart the ZS 180 has been a real success story for MG. I have had very few problems and the ones I have found were not engine or powertrain related.

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